Internet Copycatting

Internet Copycatting
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Internet Copycatting

"9 Different Internet Business Models
For You To Copy And Profit From"



I am really impressed by your new e-book "Internet Copycatting". It's great to have a book without all the hype and BS and that gets down to the facts!

I wish I had a book like this when I first started, I could have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, I just wasted away trying to find out what was the right thing to do to be successful on the Internet. Now, people can find the information they need to know!

Great job Melvin!"

Charles E. White
If you're in Sales, My E-book, "Successful Selling Secrets" is a must read.


Visit 100 websites today and you'll be bombarded with all sorts of home based business opportunities on the Internet, from selling information products to MLMs.

Are you confused then about Internet business? I'm not surprised if you are.

Given that there're so many 'crap' opportunities out there, it's no wonder people are being lured into one business after another. Wasting time and money. Never really making much money in the process.

Frankly speaking, is this how you feel?


Does The Following Scenario Apply To You?

  • You're lost. You don't know anything about starting a business because everyone's telling you that their business model is the best.


  • You actually have a website now, but you're not sure if it's the right business for you.


  • You have dabbled in a few Internet business opportunities, but haven't had much desired results.


  • You already own an Internet business, and you're looking at venturing into other business models to diversify your income.

If you answer to any of the above questions is YES, then read on...



"Internet Copycatting -
9 Different Internet Business Models For You To Copy And Profit From"


Get the facts straight.

This is not the ULTIMATE guide to Internet businesses (you can study for your PhD if you want to know more).

I won't show you how to build the next mega online book store (you know which I'm referring to).

Neither will I talk about MLMs (nothing against MLM but the industry have more scams than genuine and legitimate schemes that it'll be difficult to tell which is which).

And this is not a get rich quick manual (tell me if you come across one).

Just What Is This Book About?

Here's what you'll be getting:

  • 9 'practical' Internet business models that you can copy from. There are not just business models, but PRACTICAL models that you can actually profit from.

  • It's like a buffet, you choose what you like. In other words, take your pick.

  • For each Internet business model, there's an analysis of the pros and cons. You'll know beforehand what to expect, rather than jumping into a particular business and regretting it later.

  • Know the basic setup of each Internet business model, which model requires a website, which doesn't; whether you'll need a product or not, etc.

  • Get the scoop on the basic requirements of each business model, and prepare yourself for it.

  • There are interviews with successful business owners operating various Internet business models. You will learn first hand how they are making money using their respective business model.

  • They will reveal to you the secrets of their success, pros and cons of their business, their challenges, etc. Most important of all, listen to their advice for people venturing into such Internet business model.

  • List of basic resources to get you started. Not just a list, but recommended list that I personally use or have good referrals from friends.

  • You will know where to get quality low cost and budget hosting as well as other services like autoresponder and website design.



Ooops, you did it again. :)

Your Internet Copycatting is a great overview of the Internet business world. I think you have the most concise guide for everyone who want to start an Internet business and also make money with it.

I rate it SIX stars (out of five)!"

Ovi Dogar, The CoversExpert


"I have never read a better e-book on starting an Internet business before. This e-book proves to me how to get started on the ground floor using turn-key businesses. You will never find a better step-by-step guide on Internet business starters kit. Also it gives real life examples (interview stories) of how each business model is being done.

Special regards to Melvin, who created this wonderful e-book."

Peter Skuta



Very nice e-book. Great idea compiling a resource that explains the pros and cons of different types of business models that people can use.

The explanations are excellent. I wish I had access to an e-book like this when I started out. It would have been a BIG help in determining what type of business model I wanted to pursue. It definitely would have saved me several months of wasted time."

Rick Adams
The Online Blunder Fuzz Ezine



I have to congratulate you on your latest e-book Internet Copycatting. I've just finished reading it cover to cover and I am truly impressed.

My strong advice to everyone: If you are serious about starting your own Internet business, and trust me you should be, then the "Quick Start" information Melvin has provided in his latest e-book, Internet Copycatting, will make sure you get off to a flyer!

It contains nine sure fire winning suggestion for super profitable Internet business models that you can easily and quickly mirror to create your own money rich Internet business.

And the inclusion of the Resource Rolodex? That really put the icing on the cake on an already success guaranteed "Start Your Own Internet Business Today" cake."

Ricky Allen


Is This Book for You?


I'm sure you're smart enough to realize this book will save you time and money. You don't have to jump from opportunity to opportunity again.

Choose the Internet business model that suits you, then only choose the subject or topic of your choice. Not the other way round. Having 9 different Internet business models means having more informed choices.

By choosing the correct business model you can have peace of mind in pursuing your goal. You can then concentrate your effort on your business rather than worrying if this is the right business for you.

Full resale rights - and you'll keep 100% of each sale you make!

Sell just one copy and your investment is covered!


"I just finished reading Internet Copycatting and I must say you've done a great job of identifying and explaining nine unique Internet business models.

Your case studies show how real people are making real money and can serve as idea starters or templates for anyone who wants to start an Internet business, or make an existing business more productive.

Congratulations on creating a great book!"

Nick Nichols

"As usual you've put together a really insightful and informative e-book! When you see someone doing something successfully, it is wise to try and duplicate their efforts. That's what "Copycatting" is all about. There are 9 excellent business models included in your e-book that should help people find an opportunity that might suit them. Plus, there is a lot of useful knowledge shared by those interviewed!"

Robbin K. Tungett

"A short, sweet and *very* powerful outline of the methods of making a living on the Net in the easiest way imaginable - by copying a success story!

No experimenting, no testing, no uncertainty. Just a simple "do this, then do that" step-by-step guide teaching a proven system to Internet success - in several different ways.

The ideas are great. Even more helpful are the in-depth interviews with people who have actually put them into practice. If you're stuck for a way to make it big online, this e-book is for you. Great job."

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian
Author - "The Emotion Prism" - How to be Happy, When you'd rather be sad!


So - now it's time to decide. Do you think you can benefit from a full "buffet line" of nine different Internet businesses - fully explained - with no vague theories, no get-rich-quick hype, and no mumbo-jumbos?

I think your answer is probably yes!



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