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Generate Blowout Profits from All Your Keyword Ad Campaigns, Uncover Hidden Niche Market Opportunities and Conduct the Most Scientific, In depth Keyword Research... in Minutes!


AdWordiser is for you if:

1. You own your own website(s)
2. You sell products and services
3. You are an affiliate marketer
4. You search for profitable niche markets
    to target
5. You are building an opt-in list
6. You use Pay Per Click advertising
7. You are an internet marketing (re)searcher
8. You build website for Google AdSense


The $64,000 question is:

What is the simplest formula for driving quality traffic to your site(s) that converts to sales, using Overture and Google AdWords?

The answer is:

Finding targeted keywords with high demand and low supply. Finding keywords with high search volume and low competition.

The $128,000 question is:

How can you know exactly which keywords you should target to maximize revenues, and save money on advertising, without wasting endless hours trying to do that?

The answer is:  AdWordiser - Keyword Mastery for Profitability @ Your Fingertips!

AdWordiser is a software solution that enables you to conduct in-depth search and research on keywords and their related Google AdWords and Overture campaigns at lightening speed.


Here's What AdWordiser Can Do for You:

Features & Benefits!

Use AdWordiser to conduct keyword-centric research like:

- How many searches are done on any keyword.

- How many sites are targeting it.

- How much they're bidding on it.

- All related keywords and keyword phrasesto any particular keyword. Type in a keyword, and AdWordiser will quickly give you a long list of what people are looking for on that topic, plus show you how many people are buying related ads on Google and Overture/Yahoo.

- A lot more! Keep reading...

Find out how many Google AdWords competitors you're up against for any keyword.

Find out how many Overture campaigns there are for any keyword and what it will cost you to bid.

This will expose profitable bids from unprofitable ones.

Tip! Knowing exactly how many AdWords and Overture campaigns are running for each keyword will put you in complete control before you bid.

Adwordiser will also reveal to you how much competition exists based on the number of ad campaigns. AdWordiser lists all relevant keyword combinations and tells you how many ad campaigns exist for each set of keywords on Google and Overture.

AdWordiser will reveal to you whether or not there are less than eight AdWords campaigns for each keyword. What this means is that you can save a lot of money simply by bidding the minimum amount and still get a first page listing!

Find out exactly who your AdWords competitors are without clicking on their ads and spy on them to see how well they're doing.

Get links to your competitors' Overture Ads so you know exactly what you're up against.

Get tons of information and data about competing websites, what exact keywords they're using, etc.

Find out how popular any niche market is based on its search volume. AdWordiser is the perfect product to uncover for you the most profitable niches and reveal exactly how competitive any niche market really is.

Tip! You can learn for example that generally speaking, the more ads being bought the more people are paying for them, meaning you earn
more per click.

Get results/search ratio to find out the profitability of any keyword. Check the Supply and Demand of any keyword to know how profitable it really is and maximize your ROI.

Discover high quality, profitable keywords that have been overlooked by other advertisers and the number of websites that are associated with each keyword. In just a few minutes you can find non-competitive search terms and maximize the profitability of your PPC campaigns.

Get complete list of AdWord campaigns for each keyword and know exactly what keywords to trade.

Tip! Using AdWordiser, you can choose the keywords that have the most advertisers so you can make more PPC!

Get live links to all the popular AdWords campaigns.

Check out your competitors' AdWord headlines and Overture Ad headlines and see which ones are winners and which ones are losers.

Sort alphabetically, searches, results, R/S Ratio, Google campaigns, and Overture campaigns.

Conduct searches with phrase matching in quotes "ON" or "OFF", to find out exactly which sites are targeting which specific keywords.


Geography Keyword Research and a lot more!

AdWordiser is a huge time saver, doing in minutes what would take you hours. You'll save yourself so much money and time with AdWordiser.

Prediction: AdWordiser is quickly going to become your most used software solution! I promise you'll never run an Adwords campaign without first using AdWordiser.

Get Your Copy Of AdWordiser Now!

You can download your own copy of AdWordiser right now for only $67.

 You'll be accessing the software in just a few minutes!


Designed for Microsoft Windows 98+

Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google Technology Inc.
AdWordiser is not affiliated with Google Technology Inc.

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