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Ezy Link Expire
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Requirements: Website, PHP4+ Version: 1.0
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Earn More - Faster - With The EzylinkExpire PHP Script!


Have you ever wondered how you could get customers to buy right now? Still stumped? Let me take the guesswork out of it for you. One of the BEST ways to get your customers to pay you RIGHT NOW -is to use expirable links! (Links that expire at pre-determined times)

I was totally amazed myself when I took the advice of an online friend and started to use deadlines on all of my client specials.  I started to receive MORE sales - right on time and more then I did before! Why? Simple. Those who do not use expirable offers - usually end up getting placed on the "bookmarked -to do" list by potential customers.  Because I gave all of my clients a set deadline by issuing an expirable link with the special,  they knew to get there and get there quick!

You know what I'm talking about.. you've probably even done it a few times yourself. You visited a website... liked what you read.... decided to place it on your favorites list along with the mindset that you'd order it later - right?  So let me ask you.. how many times did you forget all about it...or even worse...decided later on that you did not want the product anymore? Your customers do the same thing. Why get in a hurry about ordering something that will be there in a year or two?

Believe me.. I've been there. I have felt the frustration of creating a limited time offer for my clients, only to have them ask about the offer 2 days after it expired. I mean, usually, when I have a special sale -- I want to earn some profits and earn them before the deadline. Why didn't they order on time? Probably because I didn't have a way to officially "Stop" the offer, short of removing the url all together. As a busy webmaster, I find it hard to get sleep - let alone have enough time to delete and add pages every day.

So I set out on a mission -- a mission to develop a product that would allow me to give a deadline that had to be followed or my clients didn't get the deal. I wanted a solution to MY problem of too-slow customers.  After months of development time, I now have that solution - the solution to my "to-do" list nightmares!

And I am now offering everyone the same solution! One that will prevent you from getting put on the "to-do" list of your potential customers. Introducing....The EZYlinkexpire PHP Script Website package!  

My PHP script will give you the system to create your own website links that expire at a time pre-determined by YOU!  You can put this to use for your web business and see for yourself  what type of better sales ratio you can have! Imagine offering a sale and informing your customers that the link must be followed within 48 hours...72 hours...6 hours...whatever time limit YOU want!  Imagine being able to offer free downloads to your mailing list - and setting a download limit of 500 clicks...1,000 clicks...2,000 clicks...whatever limit YOU want!

In this day and age - you have to advertise your web business in order to bring in potential customers. Imagine being able to program an expirable link in to your ads and being able to track their progress at every step. How many times have you sent a solo ad to a co-op team and ran out of the product being marketed? I have many times - even though I ran out - people were still coming to my sales page only to be disappointed. With my script...you can deactivate the link at any given time and create your own customized web page to direct future visitors to - instead of disappointing them.

So how does the expirable link technology work? I thought you'd never ask! It's very simple really and I won't bore you with technical talk.

The script is equipped with a state-of-the-art link processer that will allow you to program your website links at will.  You will in turn receive a masked link similar to this one:  http://www.yourwebsite.com/?123:customsponsorThe script will then direct all users that visit your expirable link to the website url that you tell it to.  

And it gets even better...each link that you program in to the system can be set to expire in two different ways! You can set your links to expire on a certain day and time OR you can set them to expire after a certain number of clicks have been received.  Your potential clients and customers will go to your sales pages right away if they are interested and you have a "set-in-stone" deadline to go by!

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is the web screen where you will program your expirable links. Notice that you can add whatever alias you want (usually a name to reference the offer) and you can even prepare custom pages that the system will use to send your clients to AFTER the deadline has passed! It really is as simple as 1-2-3!

The EZYlinkexpire PHP Script also comes with an easy to read and understand set up manual. This manual walks you through the script installation as well as gives detailed information on how the system will work.  

Easy set up and installation - Customize one file and upload everything to your web server. One file will automatically install your MySQL database tables and then you are ready to log in! No fuss.. no muss!

The EZYlinkexpire PHP Script is also fully customizable. You can alter any of the html pages to your liking. The script also comes with a constants file that allows you to easily edit all details that the script uses to perform its functions.

Specific Features of The EZYlinkexpire System:

  • 128 bit encryption for increased password security.
  • 2 levels of membership: FREE & Unlimited for $9.95 per month.
  • Expirable links based on number of hits received.
  • Expirable links based on a certain date and time.
  • Web Spider Blocking
  • Complete Hit Tracking!
  • Remove Urls one by one - or reset all at once.
  • Edit urls at will.
  • Add urls at will.
  • Easy to use members area for simple link administration.
  • Give any url programmed a unique alias for tracking made easy.
  • Custom pages for client direction after links have expired.

Ways that you can use this script to YOUR advantage:

  • Mask your affiliate links so no one can steal your commissions.
  • Track your advertising campaigns.
  • Give deadlines on your special sales to increase impulse buys.
  • Use to distribute downloadable files.
  • Use the custom html pages to direct customers to your new offer once an old offer expires!
  • the potential of this system is absolutely limitless!

So now you are probably wondering, how much does the EZYlinkexpire script cost? Not as much as you think!

You can get the entire script and instruction manual with MASTER RESELL Rights at an unbelievable Price of only $49.00!

But Wait --> There's a Special Bonus when you order RIGHT NOW-- TODAY before this Special Ends:

So do yourself AND your web business a huge favor and order your EZYlinkexpire PHP script today.  

You will receive:

  • The complete PHP script
  • Instruction manual with full installation & operational instructions
  • Master resell rights

With unrestricted master resell rights...You can....

  • Include it in membership sites
  • Resell it for 100% profits
  • Sell it on eBay
  • Give it away

Script Requirements:

Script Requires: PHP 4.1.0 and MySQL 3.2.3 to be running on your server.


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