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Random Pop Lite
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Random Pop Lite

Explode your sales while
you beat the "pop up
killers" at their own game!


Pop Ups -- Everyone "hates" them yet they consistently pull sales, and increase response, on sites that use them effectively.

Warning: The operational word here is effectively.

That's right. When used effectively pop ups can...

  • Increase your offer response by as much as 20%

  • Present "sales closing" copy that just may increase your closing ratio by as much as 50%

  • Capture the attention of prospects that decided not to buy and turn them around with a special offer

The problem is: More and more "pop up killers" exist, and a handful of self-appointed Internet "acceptable standards" vigilantes are attempting to regulate what you do on YOUR site. But you don't have to worry about low responses and lost sales anymore because we've invented Random Pop Lite.

Random Pop Lite puts you in control of your web site's advertising strategy. The vigilantes have no power over your sales. Your customers will see exactly what you want them to see thanks to Random Pop Lite's DHTML pop up capabilities. Let me explain...

Random Pop Lite is an instant pop up generator and management script that you install on your web site (don't worry, we'll install it if you need us to). Of course, it knows how to create the standard Javascript-based pop ups, but so do a lot of other scripts. Where Random Pop Lite shines is in it's ability to create pop up killer-proof DHTML pop ups!

DHTML, also called Dynamic HTML, is used to create an ad that can be used like a popup, but it is user friendly, powerful, and immune from ordinary popup killers. They don't really "pop up", they actually appear, when and where you want them to, as an addition HTML layer that slides right in over the top of the main web page and can be positioned exactly where you want them to be. They are "draggable" by the user and can be clicked on and closed just like a standard web page.

Now, if all that Random Pop Lite did was enable you to create powerful, nearly pop up killer-proof ads that increased your sales and response, it would be an amazing program. But, simply being able to display pop ups is not enough. You need to be able to rotate through different pop ups to see which ones pull the best. Random Pop Lite has you covered there as well. In fact, Random Pop Lite includes all of these amazing features:

  • Easily generate and manipulate popus! The powerful admin interface allows you to easily add and manipulate pop ups.

    • Create pop ups, pop unders, frameless and the 'kill-proof' dhtm pop ups.

    • Utilize multiple window postions, parameters and sizes to customize the pop up to your specifications.

    • Have them 'pop' on enter or exit.

    • Define frequency of show based on a 1-5 scale.

    • Preview your creation on the fly with the click of one button.

  • Built in stats. Know how many times a pop up has been shown since it's generation.

  • Quickly call pop ups from ANY site. It only takes one line of HTML code to call your pop ups. You can even call the same pop up for a site if you want.

And what's more, Random Pop Lite does all of those through a simple, yet powerful, admin panel that you can learn to use in seconds! Random Pop Lite is easy to install and easy to use. You can start increasing your sales and response in as little as 10 minutes after you get your own copy of Random Pop Lite.

Do what professional marketers do and turn your web site into a profit-pulling sales machine with Random Pop Lite. There is no easier and faster way to produce quality pop ups available today.

Random Pop Lite is designed to work with most major hosting platforms. All it requires is:

  • A webserver or web hosting account running on any major Operating System

  • A SQL database system - MySQL (3.22 or higher)

  • PHP (4.1.0 and above) with MySQL support

Get your copy now because time is money and you have sales to make.

Random Pop Lite is available for instant delivery. Just click the image below to order now for only $9.95 and start exploding your profits!

And, in case you were wondering, if you decide the software isn't for you and you want your money back...

...You Can't Lose With My Guilt-Free NO Risk Guarantee!



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