Entertaining, Magic, and Illusion

Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit - ebook and audio (PLR)
Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit! ebook, audio, bonus tricks ebook and much more.
Daily Sudoku Puzzles
Original Brain Workout from Japan!
Defeat Video Gaming Addictions - Viral eBook
Learning About Defeat Video Gaming Addictions Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life! Letting go of the virtual menace!
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Huge collection of card tricks.
Farmville Strategy Guide (PLR)
Farmville basics, and winning strategies.
Gaming Addiction Group - Ground Rules
How To Control Your Gaming Urges And Rid Yourself From Your Addiction For Life!
Hand Shadow Illusions (PLR)
Ever wanted to entertain your kids by doing hand shadow figures and didn't know how? Here are some great tips on how to...
Sudoku Puzzle Secrets (PLR)
It doesn't matter if you've never solved a sudoku puzzle in your life, This guide will tellĀ you everything you need to...