Women On Weights
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  • Release Date - 2014
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Product Summary

Want to achieve your best physique faster? Here is the beginners guide to weights & strength training for the modern woman.

Everything seems to be constantly changing in our world. From technology to the latest diet trends to the most popular workout fad at the time, it's hard to keep track and know better from best. On the not-so-positive side, we are also living in a world where things best unseen or untold are plastering the news. Whether it's the latest crime or an early death due to disease, there are things we can do to better and protect ourselves.

Some may argue that being a female already puts women in a disadvantageous state. Whether it's with regard to careers, gender roles or even strength, we can argue until we're blue in the face, but where does that leave us? We have to take what we're given and optimize it as best we can. While we may already view ourselves as mentally or emotionally strong, becoming physically strong can enhance our lives to unexplainable degrees ...

Although we are in the 21st century, there is still hesitation when it comes to women and weightlifting. Those who are against it argue that women aren't made to be strong and muscular. Although there are women who now dominate the world of bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting, it would be incorrect to say that women do not face resistance ...

Learn how strength training can dramatically change your physique, quickly get results by incorporating these beginner workouts, know what you need for fueling your gains - nutrition overhaul ...

What you'll learn
  • Introduction
  • Women Lifting Weights Throughout History
  • Am I Going To Look Like A Man?
  • Steps To Begin Strength Training
  • Philosophy Of Strength Training
  • Can I Train At Home? Or Do I Have To Train At A Gym?
  • The Basic Strength Movements
  • Let's Get Lifting - Sample Beginner Workouts
  • Fueling Your Strength Gains
  • Should I Use Supplements?
  • Facing The Future
  • Bonus - Advanced Tactics, Principles & Supplementation
  • And Much More!


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