Slaying Social Anxiety
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Product Summary

Learn how to live your life free from social anxiety. Understand the root causes and know how to overcome them for good.

A large part of nearly everyone's life is, or should be, about interacting with others. Unfortunately, for a growing number of us, that type of social interaction is the cause of great anxiety and extreme self- consciousness.

Over five and a half million Americans alone suffer from this phobia, which is most commonly referred to as Social Anxiety disorder and these numbers are matched throughout the Western world. Many experts say this is the world's third most prevalent mental health issue. The effects of which can be absolutely crippling.

There's a pretty wide range of thought on the root causes of Social Anxiety disorder. Something that's blindingly apparent is that where society is today and the direction it's continuing to move in aggravates this affliction more and more. This makes taking it very seriously and learning how we can cure it all the more important ...

What you'll learn
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - What Is Social Anxiety?
  • Chapter 2 - The History Of Social Anxiety
  • Chapter 3 - Getting To Know Your Social Anxiety
  • Chapter 4 - Beginning The Pathway To Change
  • Chapter 5 - Changing Your Thoughts And Expectations
  • Chapter 6 - Gain Confidence
  • Chapter 7 - Exposure To Uncomfortable Sensations And Social Situations
  • Chapter 8 - Natural Remedies For Social Anxiety
  • Chapter 9 - Communication Is The Key
  • Chapter 10 - Maintenance And Planning For The Future
  • And Much More!


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