Get Paid to Shop
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Get Paid to Shop

Most mystery shoppers start because it's fun, they enjoy eating out, they like to get free food and other supplies, they enjoy having free holidays, wearing expensive clothes, and even being paid to collect all this fabulous FREE stuff!


They enjoy the variety of their 'working' day, the fact that no two 'jobs' are ever the same, the certainty of more than enough opportunities existing to ensure they never run out of jobs themselves, the simple truth that as business becomes more competitive the number of opportunities and rewards will continue to grow.

Mystery shoppers are required all over the world, by companies large and small, who will pay you to shop, eat in top restaurants, visit major theme parks, drive high-performance cars, enjoy all-expenses paid holidays and cruises, or simply shop for everyday items, make a few quick and easy telephone calls, analyze junk mail arriving through your letterbox every day, or just stay home and buy goods on the Internet, items you might buy anyway and which you get to keep totally FREE of CHARGE!


... .. You Can Earn Handsome Payments, Plus Bonus Items!

Mystery shoppers can easily earn a full time income for part time hours, sometimes much more.  You could even work your way around the world, eating, living and traveling FREE of charge, while enjoying all-expenses paid visits to worldwide leisure resorts, and you'll be paid to answer a few simple questions about your experience. 


Work Part-Time, Full-Time, Or Even Start Your Own Business

Our contacts, people who helped us research and publish GET PAID TO SHOP include professional and long-established mystery shoppers, some working part-time, others operating full-time ventures.  Marguerite Hegley, a successful mystery shopper, provides insider knowledge for our readers and tells how she obtained work immediately with two major mystery shopping companies who continue to supply her with regular, well-paid openings.   She says:

"I first mystery shopped a supermarket.  It was a lot of fun being asked to buy goods using the company's money, as well as receiving expenses and a tidy fee for my work.  The pubs were fun too and I was asked to order a meal and a drink in some and just a drink in other of the eight pubs I had to visit over a ten-day period which were all just a short distance from home.  I particularly liked working with a pharmaceutical chain, checking their photo service and getting make-up advice.  The girl on the make-up counter gave me some good advice about my skin type and a useful range of freebie testers which I am still using three months later.  And I got paid of course!"

There's nothing 'mysterious' about this business, no magic formula to finding work, no difficult tasks to undertake, no need for previous experience or knowledge of any kind.  Marguerite insists mystery shoppers are just ordinary people, who enjoy shopping, and want to earn from the experience.  Wouldn't you like to join them? 

Work Where And When You Like


It's all so very easy, enjoyable, and very profitable, too.  Not only will you get to keep all that FREE STUFF, you'll also get paid, and you can work as often as you like, when you like.  You'll soon discover how to pick and choose jobs you'll enjoy best and even the goods you want to take home free. 

Our expert reveals exactly how to make sure you are never out of work  - if you can call it work  -   and why you'll always have some new and exciting experience to look forward to.

You can work locally, nationally, even internationally, by working personally at specific locations, or do the whole thing from home, from the comfort of your armchair.  You see, mystery shoppers don't just work in shops and cinemas, banks and hotels; they're also employed at airports, on trips and package tours, and some tasks can be carried out entirely over the Internet or telephone lines.


Does It Sound  Too Good To Be True? 

Something you've always dreamed about?  Well dream no longer, wake up to this amazing opportunity, starting today, and get paid to shop and do all those other exciting things, bank fees and expenses, take home goods and services you and your family really need  -  Without Having to Pay! 


But  ... ..

... ..  with so many people wanting to share this amazing lifestyle, finding work can be a time-consuming task and, because long-established shoppers know how to move in fast for the most exciting, best paid opportunities, there's no guarantee 'work' will still be available for you. 

Of Course, You Could Research The Whole Business Yourself And Compile Your Own List Of Companies Keen To Engage You!


You could spend hours in the library wading through telephone directories, reference books, business journals.  You could spend days searching for employing companies on the Internet, or phoning round for information.  All very time-consuming, costly, uniquely boring, and sometimes very disappointing, too.


Why Bother?   Because EVERYTHING You Need To Know,

And More, Is Waiting For You In:



This ultimate guide shows exactly  ... ..  what the business involves  ... ..  what mystery shoppers do  ... .. how you can travel the world FREE or just STAY HOME and place orders by telephone or over the Internet.

What The Package Contains

The Ultimate Guide to Mystery Shopping  including everything you need to know to begin receiving assignments right from day one.  You'll learn who employs mystery shoppers; how and where to contact those people; how to pick and choose from thousands of companies and opportunities all over the world; how to act fast to ensure your application gets seen first, how to gain experience for starting your own mystery shopping business for far bigger and better rewards!

Directory of International Mystery Shopping Companies  showing how and where to contact the biggest and most prolific companies hiring mystery shoppers now!

The Online Resource Guide  detailing web sites, mystery shopping discussion groups, newsgroups and mystery shopping hiring companies.  Does that sound good to you?  I thought so!

Peter Allan

Meander Press Business Information Research Services


We have complete faith in our product which we are prepared to back with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If it isn't what we say it is, and more, and you think it won't benefit you, we'll give you your money back.



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