Economic Recession - eBook and Audio Pack

Economic Recession -  eBook  and Audio Pack
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File Size (Zipped): 21,271Kb
System Requirements: MS Word (or equivalent), MP3 Audio Player, or Computer
eBook/Transcription: Adobe PDF
Number Pages: 13, 19
Audio Format: MP3
Audio Length: 19:20 Minutes
Salespage: Included (see above screenshot)
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Extra Pages: None
Included Graphics: JPG, PNG
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Extras: 10 PLR Articles
Released/Circulated: 2009
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Product Summary:

To survive in the recession, you need to be the fit and strong. So, what the secret to be the fittest among the rest? In order to help small business and common man understand, comprehend and survive in the time of an economic recession, I have especially drafted an ebook on economic recession - 'Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study', which covers all the tricks, dos and don'ts during the times of an economic slowdown.

You don't need to go around asking for advices and secrets. Whether you are a business owner of a small enterprise, or an individual facing the deadly pangs of the recession - 'Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study' is your answer. It doesn't contain big promises of fake and hollow ideas that yield no results. It has been especially crafted to help people like you to face the outcomes of the economic recession.
Take a closer look at - 'Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study'
The ebook, as the name suggests is a comprehensive guide and case study about economic recession and its effect on business and common man. The ebook discusses in detail about the different effects of economic recession in the lives of the common man. It contains new business ideas that can flourish even at the times of recession. So, if you are planning to invest you money in some business, then 'Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study' is a must buy for you! Get the hook about the pitfalls and the problems of economic recession that you need to avoid.

Specifically, 'Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study' contains the following.

  • Understanding the Economic Recession
  • What Causes Economic Recession?
  • Impact of Economic Recession
  • Affect on common man
  • Economic Recession and Its Effect on Business
  • Options for Recession Proof Business
  • Economic Recession and Job Cuts
  • Impact of job loses
  • Tips to Save your Job
  • Housing Market and Repossession of Houses
  • Bankruptcy and Credit Crunch
  • Surviving an Economic Recession
  • Last words from the author


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