Ex Attraction Secrets
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  • Release Date - 2013
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Product Summary

Love is a very unique feeling, mostly because of its ability to inflict so much hurt when things don't work out, especially between couples. Many relationships fail, not because people do not harbor genuine feelings for each other, whatever the reason may be, moving on from someone you cared deeply for is not an easy process; it is one that gets more bearable with each passing day. One of the greatest pleasures in this world is having a significant other. Sometimes these relationships do not last. One or both people from the relationship may wish to try to fix things and try again. Before you decide to do this you should take the time to read this book.

Here is the truth that you may not be ready to hear, but one you must find in yourself to accept: getting your ex back probably won't be easy. Regardless of the cause of your breakup, how you act when trying to reconcile will affect your chances of getting back together. You need to know and respect what the experts have to say. In other words, a constructive and positive attitude is also necessary for getting your ex back. If you are going to insist on being stubborn and egoistic about what you should and should not do to reconcile with your former partner, then this book won't be a help to you at all. In fact, no one and nothing can be of help to you because you don't want to be helped.

What you'll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: What Caused The Break Up
  • Chapter 3: Figure Out If You Truly Want Your Ex Back
  • Chapter 4: Don't Beg
  • Chapter 5: Don't Play Games
  • Chapter 6: Don't Say You've Changed Show It
  • Chapter 7: The Art Of Apologizing
  • Chapter 8: Learn To Let Go Of The Past
  • Chapter 9: The Art Of Communication
  • And Much More!


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