308 JavaScript Bundle

308 JavaScript Bundle
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File Size: 10,978Kb Salespage: Included
File Format: JavaScript Suggest. Retail: $15.95
Requirements: Any Website Install Guide: Not Included
Resale Rights: Master Resell Rights Created: 2005

308 JavaScript's Bundle


Background Effects
  • Background Changer - On the loading of a page, this script changes background colors quickly then returns to normal.
  • Background Changer (Button) - This script uses a button to change the background color.
  • Background Fader - On the loading of a page, this script changes background colors (with a transition between each change) quickly then returns to normal.
  • Random Image - Randomly displays a different image depending upon the time.
Total: 14

Also Includes:Background Flash, Background Adjuster, Background Change Month, Background Change Week, Background Image Changer, Fixed Image Background, Fading Background, Moving Background, Background Transfer, and Background Type a Color.

  • Book Mark Me- Have your visitors easily bookmark your site into their browser favorites.
  • Frame Breaker- Allows your visitors to easily break out of frames from other websites.
  • Field Validation - Create fields in your forms that must be filled out before submission to you.
  • Anti Spam Email - Hide your email address that's on your webpage from spamming robots.
Total: 23

Also Includes:Automated Email Script, Custom Email Script, Default Homepage, Email Logon, Form Validation, Frame Enforcer, Image Pre-loader Bar, Last Updated, Mail Me Script, Shopping Cart, Password Page, Script Debugger, Print Page Option, Text Fader, No Right Click Protection, News Reader, Page Reload, and Stop JS Errors.

Form Navigation
  • Back Button- Create a "Back" button directly into your webpage.
  • Drop Menu Navigation - This script allows visitors to easily navigate your site with the use of a drop down menu.
  • Link w/Description - This script will give you a description of each link in the form window as you mouse over the link.
  • Drop Menu w/ Descriptions - he script will display a description or some comments about the link they select. You can configure the description window to displayed above, below or either side of the drop menu by placing it inside tables.
Total: 19

Also Includes:Check Box Menu, Dial Up Menu, Double Combo, Drop Menu Plus Go Button, Drop Menu w/ Image, Dynamic linker, Dynamic Links, Link Chooser, Random Link, Go Home, Link Description Go, Radio Button Click, Radio Go, Rotating Drop Menu, Rotating Link, Simple Back Button, Spin Wheel Link.

Midi File Handlers
  • CD Midi - Built in Player with your pre-selected songs to choose from.
  • Midi Jukebox - Nice little jukebox with your library of midi favorites.
  • Random Midi - Play a random midi on your page each time some enters that page.
  • Select a Midi - A Drop down menu of midi files on your web page.
  • Text Link Midi - Basic "Play", and "Stop" link for the midi playing on your web page.
Total: 5

MouseOver Effects
  • Color Block - This script will change the background of your page to any color simply by mousing over the color board placed on the page.
  • Pop Up Window - This script will open and close a new window by placing your mouse over a link. All window properties can be specified in this script.
  • Text Image Changer - This script will change an image when placing your mouse over a text link.
  • Mouse Over Sound - Custom sound can be heard when visitor passes mouse over certain area.
Total: 9

Also Includes:Color Shifter, Extreme Button Background Changer, Multi Background Changer, Mouse Over Button Background Changer, and Mouse Over Link Text.

Page Effects
  • Button Scroller - Scrolling text (of your choosing) on a button.
  • Random Image - A different images loads every time the page is refreshed or reloaded.
  • Flying Image - Any image can be used. It works on co-ordinates and these can be changed. It is however quite a complex script to set up and change....but definitely a cool script.
  • Stars on Mouse - This is a close cross browser edition of the NS stars script, it creates colored dots that hover around your mouse pointer.
Total: 17 Also Includes:Colored Scrollbars, Cursor Type, Dynamic Page, Frame Scroller, Window Resizer, Moving Eyes, Redirect on Day of Week, Screen Shaker Button, Scrolling Time, Side Scroll Menu, Water Mark Script, Window Mover, and Window Reviewer.

Site Navigation
  • Arrow Menu Script - This script will display a small image, in this case an arrow beside the link when you place your
    mouse over it. Any image could be used, even animated, it requires two small images which are included in the script.
  • Link List - This script will make a new window containing all the links on your page by simply clicking on a text link or button if you choose.
  • Right Click Menu - This script produces a menu when you Right Click Any number of entries can be added.
Total: 7

Also Includes:Navigation Text Bar, Open New Window, Text Link Rotator, and Cool Drop Down Menu.

Redirection Scripts
  • First Time Visitor - This script will redirect a visitor to one page if it is their first visit and to another if they are returning or frequent visitors.
  • Language redirect - This script will redirect visitors to a defined page depending on what language their browser supports, any number of languages can be entered, there are 3 in this script, English, German and Spanish.
  • Delayed Redirect - A warning timer will appear notifying the visitor of upcoming redirect.
Total: 7

Also Includes:Advanced Clock, Flash Redirect, Redirect on Screen Resolution, and Flash Detect.

Status Bar Effects
  • Action Banner  - This script will display a message in the status bar of your browser, any message can be added.
  • Crazy Ticker - This script will display a message in the status bar of your browser, any message can be added.
  • Status Bar Arrows - This Script will display text with arrows on your status bar for maximum attention.
  • Status Bar Shooter - This script will drop letters in one at a time on your status bar.
Total: 14

Also Includes:Disappearing Menu, Message Rotator, Message Slider, Mouse Coordinates, Scrolling Banner, Status Bar Descripter, Status Bar Eraser, Status Bar Wiper, Text Clock, and Text Packer.

Text Effects
  • Backward Test  - This script reverses text written in the script.
  • Text Animator - This script will animate your text, you can also include links in it.
  • Glowing Text- This script will make your text glow when mouse over occurs, to any color you wish.
  • Random Quote - This script presents a quote or message at random when the page loads.
Total: 15

Also Includes:AC Slide, Button Scroller, Colorizer, Expanding Text, Flashing Text, Highlighted Text, Link Changer, Rainbow Text, Text Case Converter, Text Writer, and Title Animator.

Date & Time Effects
  • Button Clock  - This script will display a clock in a button as well as in your status bar.
  • Day of Week - This script will simply tell you what day of the week it is.
  • Popup Calendar - Allows you to open a small monthly calendar in a new window.
  • Time of Day Greeting - Lets you specify which greeting pops up at certain times of day.
Total: 19

Also Includes:Calendar of Events, Circle Clock, Text Count Up, Date Welcome, Date Finder, Digital Clock, Dual Clock, GMT Clock, Login Time, Page Loading Time, Text Countdown, Time and Date Display, Title Time, Text Greeting, and World Time Clock.

User Information
  • Browser Information  - This script gathers specific information about your browser and presents it in this neat and tidy table.
  • History - This script will tell you how many sites you have been to in the current session.
  • IP Grabber - This script will tell you your IP address.
  • Hard Drive Script - his script allows you to view your drives on your computer.
Total: 12 Also Includes:Browser Type, Color Depth, Java Enabled, No of Visits, Past History, Plug Ins, Screen Resolution, and Scrolling Browser Information.

  • Advanced Search  - This script is a multiple search engine that will give your visitors the choice of searching directories, databases and meta search engines.
  • Calculator - This script will allow you and your visitors to do calculations right from your site with this neat JavaScript calculator.
  • Color Chooser - this script which works in IE browsers only will show you the color you choose by entering the color numbers in the form. An easy to use one-piece script, just paste it in the location you want it to display.
  • Font Maker - This script will allow you to create font tags easily when creating your HTML pages.
Total: 17

Also Includes:Better Calculator, Cost Calculator, Download Calculator, FTP login, ICQ Checker, Link Maker, Lotto Number Picker, Meta Tag Maker, Multi Choice Script, Search Engine, Table Maker, Text Search, and URL View.

Plus Many More

In addition to ALL of the above you get more scripts like: Blackjack, Background Floating Image, Back and Forward Buttons, Background Button Changer, Background Freezer, Animated Arrow Trailer, Background Image Stretch, Birthstone, Clear Form Button, Complex Clock, Decaf36, Dropgo frames, Expanding Text, Flash Table Border, Gif Clock, HTML Creator, Image of the Week, Java Talk, Jump To, Love Test, Menu of the Week, Move by Key, One Click Close, Open Window With Remote, Photo Album, Photo Gallery, Star Quiz, and many more....

Total: 17


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