Bargain Basement

These products are generally older products that we have collected that are usually still in good order but they may be a bit outdated, or very simple in content.

How to Choose and MP3 Player
Product ID : HCM452
This MP3 player e-Book explains the beginnings of MP3 and where we are today.
Getting Inked
Product ID : GET559
Guide to getting a tatoo before you make the decision to do it.
Party Games Collection
Product ID : PGA239
Are you planning a party? If so these E-Books are for you. Fun and games for everyone from kids to grown ups.
Learn to Catch a Fish
Product ID : LCF446
Learn how to catch 7 species of fish like a pro.
Journey to Planet X (Game)
Product ID : JPX100
You must pilot a spaceship (saucer) through space in search for a planet that can support human life. This unknown world...
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Product ID : ECT557
Huge collection of card tricks.
Battle at Sea (Game)
Product ID : BAS333
This game will give you many hours of enjoyment.
Script Gold - FREE
Product ID : SCR503
8 eCommerce PHP web scripts. Master Resale Rights Included.
Quick Niche Product Creation (PLR)
Product ID : PLR344
Lazy Marketer's Insider Guide To Profit Making Quick Niche Product Creation.