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URL Clamp - FREE
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Resale Rights: Master Resell Rights Circa: 2007

URL Clamp

Discover How to Shrink Long URLs & Hide Your Affiliate Links ... Right From Your Desktop!


If you have ever wished that you could quickly shorten the long URLs you normally send to friends and customers, or if you have ever wanted to hide your affiliate links from newsletter, forum and ezine readers, then this is definitely the most exciting message you will read today!

Here's why:

I'm about to reveal an amazing new software program that will allow you to do all of the above - that is, shrink URLs and cloak affiliate links - all with a simple click of your mouse!

It's true.

Now you no longer have to worry about sending long URLs that break and then don't work in your friend's, or customer's, email client.

Plus, this amazing program will also allow you to easily hide your affiliate links ... and instantly increase your commissions!

URL Clamp makes reducing long URLs or hiding affiliate links as easy as clicking your mouse!

Plus, thanks to its simple user interface anyone - even someone with no Internet experience at all - can use it!

Here's How This Powerful Software
Program Works:

When you're ready to shorten a long URL, simply double-click the URL Clamp icon on your desktop, follow the few, easy steps and you will have a new shortened URL in no time! Then all your friends and customers have to do is click on the short link to be automatically forwarded to the longer one.

You can use these new shortened links in emails, newsletters,
ezines, ebooks, in forum postings and anywhere else a link can be posted.

And the URL Clamp program works the same easy way when you need to hide affiliate links, too!

In fact, there's never been a program this easy-to-use and this inexpensive that literally takes you by the hand and leads you through the short, simple steps of shortening or hiding links!

So Isn't It Time You Put This Powerful
Program to Work for You?

Here are just a few of the many benefits you'll realize with URL Clamp:

  • Eliminates having to send URLs that often break in emails ... once and for all!

  • Enables you to easily hide your affiliate links - which could send your affiliate profits soaring!

  • Provides you with free lifetime upgrades - we are dedicated to keeping URL Clamp a cutting-edge software program and, as a result, will constantly be on the lookout for technology updates and improvements that we can use to make the product even better and when we find something, we promise to send you a new version of the software ASAP!

  • Incredibly easy-to-use user interface makes taking full advantage of URL Clamp a snap!

  • And much, much more!

This is Your Chance to Start Easily Turning Long URLs Into Easy-to-Remember Short URLs!

Long website URLs are difficult to remember. URL Clamp allows you to quickly shorten those links into small, friendly and easy-to-remember links that are perfect for sharing with friends and customers.

Long URLs usually break when inserted into an email message, and then don't work.Savvy recipients can usually fix the link and make it active again, but many other recipients don't know how to do it ... leaving them out and costing you potential profits over the long run!

So why not get URL Clamp today and immediately begin:

  • Shortening long urls to make them more memorable and manageable!

  • Ensuring URLs that you send via email don't break!

  • Hiding your affiliate code - and increasing your click-throughs!


Here's just a few of things you could do with URL Clamp and Master Resell Rights to it:

  • Shorten long URLs with the click of a mouse

  • Hide your affiliate code right from your desktop

  • Resell the software program and keep 100% of the profits!

  • Resell the 'Resell Rights' to the program at any price

  • Sell the software with or without resell rights

  • Giveaway the program to your website visitors and grow your lists!

  • Use the program as a valuable bonus to your existing products to increase the 'perceived value' of your offers

  • Form profitable Joint Ventures with other marketers by leveraging this program's powerful features!

  • And much, much more!

This software program could be just what you need to open a new revenue stream and send your online profits skyrocketing!


In Summary, Here's What You Get
With This Amazing Offer:

Those who respond in time to this offer will receive:

  • A powerful software program that will allow you to easily shorten long URLs and hide affiliate links

  • Plus, full Master Resell Rights to sell this in-demand software program

  • 100% commissions

  • And much more!



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