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Podcast Assistant in a Box

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Podcast Assistant in a Box
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Podcast Assistant in a Box"

How Would You Like To Sound Just Like A Professional News Anchor The Next Time You Create Your Own Podcast Without Having To Have The Budget Of A TV Network?"

If if you are creating audio podcasts for your professional web site, you don't want to sound umm like ughh a dork that can't remember what the heck umm they are trying to ughh say! Do it like a real PRO with "Podcast Assistant In A Box" starting today!

Podsasts are a pretty incredible new technology, aren't they?

If you're like me, you've probably thought about doing some PodCasting of your own. Maybe you've taken the first step and done a recording.

I did that, too, and I was really stoked about it... until I played it back. It went something like this:


"Uh... yeah... this is Liz. Liz Tomey. I'm gonna review this CD from-no, wait, it's a DVD. OK, I'm reviewing the latest, uh, DVD from Coldplay... "

Oh, THAT was impressive. Yeah, right. Like I'd want to send that out over a podcast to my customers, with all the "um's" and "ah's". No way, Jose.

But then I got an idea...

Suppose you could use a simple tool to edit out all the "um's" and "ah's" and "do-overs."

Imagine... you do your podcast, talking just like you normally do without having to be self-conscious or think about what to say. Then you use a simple tool to smooth it all out so it sounds like a pro recorded it.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right tool.

Think about it. The ability to edit and delete could make you into a PodCast or Vblog star overnight.

But Cleaning Up Recordings Is The Hard Part...

You could pay a sound engineer to clean up your PodCast, but it would cost you a lot of money-those guys make at least $50 and hour.

But instead of paying some sound engineer a fortune OR trying to read from a script (which sounds fake anyway), what if you had...

Podcast Assistant In A Box

Finally! A way to quickly and easily make every podcast you make sound just like Anderson Cooper on CNN or someone like him recorded it.

If you have always wanted to be able to quit your day job and break into the Internet Marketing world podcasting is a great way to do it!

Sure, it sounds amazing. Stuttering introverts don't just change into glib network anchors overnight... but their VOICES can!

What kind of podcasts could you make with "Podcast Assistant In A Box"?

  • Movie reviews

  • Sports commentaries

  • Political discussions

  • Tips on travel destinations

  • Interviews with celebrities

  • Cooking shows

    And lots more!


Well, first let's look at what it would cost you to have your podcasts edited by a sound engineer.

Those guys get, like $50 an hour and up, with a minimum of $150. So you're looking at $150 per podcast.

If you make 10 podcasts, that's $1,500. So even if I sold "Podcast Assistant In A Box" for $1,500, it would pay for itself after 10 podcasts.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near $1,500, or even $1,000.

Why so cheap?

I have my reasons...

For one thing, with my marketing background, I know that the best way to advertise is to create a buzz.

If I sell a certain number of "Podcast Assistant In A Box" cheap, then people will talk.

Here's the thing, though: once the buzz hits, I'm going to raise the price to make some profit.


You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In These "Podcast Assistant In A Box"

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below, and get yourself ready to rock the world with awesome podcasts!

WAIT! Special offer: Would you like to have resell rights to the "Podcast Assistant In A Box"?

You'll be able to sell the "Podcast Assistant In A Box" to your customers and keep 100% of the profits. Your resell rights come with a complete website salesletter, and professional graphics for you to promote the "Podcast Assistant In A Box" software with.

"Podcast Assistant In A Box" is for PC's only... Sorry Mac's...


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