Renegade Direct Mail Secrets - Audios

Renegade Direct Mail Secrets - Audios
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  • Download File Size - 820Kb
  • eBook Format - Windows Audio eBook
  • Reading Requirements - Windows
  • Number of Pages -  N/A
  • Release Date - 2008
  • Suggested Retail Price - 17.00

Product Summary

Confessions of Marketing by: Addict T.J. Rohleder

Renegade Direct Mail secrets is what you need to graduate from the itty-bitty $27 Ebook sales to creating massive income selling high-ticked items in the thousands.

You'll get the inside scoop from a seasoned marketer who's been in marketing for YEARS…even longer than Russell himself!

In fact, you'll see his ads all over the place in Small Business opportunity magazine…the industry's top magazine for work-at-home entrepreneurs. And believe me, it's not cheap creating a full-page ad in that prestigious magazine.

But don't take it from me. Read on to discover the exact tactics you'll discover during this important audio.

  • How you can get new customer actuations and start right away (this is something most of the internet marketers are royally ticked off about!
  • How you should imagine your customer when they get their direct mail piece (this will allow you to determine if your direct piece is going to rake in the money or BOMB!!)
  • The secret for making a humongous offline list (Hint: it has nothing to do with opening up the SRDS manual and looking around!)
  • The tactics that'll allow other people to do your work for them (why become an entrepreneur when you have to work all the time?)
  • The secret for getting $20,000 a month without ANY work (this is something absolutely NOBODY is doing in the online world!)
  • The FALSE thinking most marketers fall for when they think of direct marketing (Do you think pay-per-click is lucrative, think again!)
  • T.J.'s four ways they can take people's orders (Why force the decision on people when you can give your customers a choice?)
  • The one secret T.J. used to annihilate his competition (this aggressive strategy made his competitors start running for the hills!)
  • The mindset you DON'T want to have if you want to succeed in business (T.J. and Russell have this important trait ingrained in them…do you?)
  • The ONE WAY you want to make money in business—this principle will get your customers to buy again and again!
    How to tap into the customer's mind when you write your copy (this is something a LOT of marketers fail at!)
  • The first thing you need to do to write copy (most copywriters fail at this, big time!!!!!)
  • The secret to building relationships with your customers so they'll do business with you over and over again (So many people are giving up on their customers waaay too soon…and bombarding them with email is not going to cut it!)

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