Kicking Off the Cigarette Butt - eBook and Video Series

Kicking Off the Cigarette Butt - eBook and Video Series
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Product Summary

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When I learned all the different ways that not smoking was going to improve my health I couldn't wait to get started and give it up. If you haven't considered the vast improvements you can see from not smoking let me help you out!

Some of the benefits you'll have when you kick this ugly habit are:

  • Better health so you can enjoy your life and your family.
  • Healthier skin because cigarettes are a major poison.
  • More money to spend on bills or groceries.
  • More energy from an improved immune system.
  • Cleaner smelling home and car.
  • Less nicotine stains in your home or your car.

With simple steps you'll be able to get to the root of why you started the habit in the first place and start working forward from there. Just picture what life will be like when you aren't addicted to these 'cancer causing sticks.' When you decide to take my hand and be guided down the path of a smoke free life you'll benefit from any and all of these advantages:

  • Less colds and struggles with respiratory issues.
  • Greater stamina for games and exercise.
  • Less financial struggle.
  • Less time trying to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of everything you own.
  • No anxiety over quitting and no cravings.

One of the first things I will guide you through is how to understand the long and short term health impacts of smoking. Some of the ideas and secrets can help you to have a better understanding of your habit.

  • And just in case you're still in doubt all these health benefits will be yours after the guided tour through getting rid of a nasty, health depleting habit:
  • Blood pressure, body temperature and pulse go back to normal after just 20 minutes of not smoking.
    The carbon monoxide levels that you see in your blood will decrease after only eight hours of being a non-smoker. In addition to that, you'll notice the smoker's breath begins to disappear.
  • After only a few days your risk for heart attack starts to decline. After this amount of time your nerve endings will also start to regrow and develop. Another bonus of being a non-smoker for just three days is that your sense of taste and smell will start to rejuvenate.
  • Two months later you can expect to see an improvement in circulation and breathing as you're lungs have been repairing. At this time you can also expect to have more energy and far less instances of illness.
    It only takes a year smoke free for your chance of heart attack to be cut in half. Your risk for cancer will be severely reduced as
  • well. Keep quitting for ten or more years and your risk for heart attack or stroke is the same as a person's who never smoked
  • You will not only have a greatly increased amount of time to spend with family and loved ones you will also have a lot more money to spend on them as well. Cigarette smoking is a habit that costs a lot both financially and in respect to health.

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