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From Pain to Freedom - eBook and Audios (PLR)

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From Pain to Freedom - eBook and Audios (PLR)
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  • Download File Size - 65,681Kb
  • eBook Format - PDF, DOC, PPS, TXT, HTML
  • Number of Pages - 75
  • Reading Requirements - Any PDF reader
  • Audio Format - MP3
  • Audio Length - 60+ Minutes
  • Release Date - 2011
  • Suggested Retail Price - $47.00

Product Summary

From Pain To Freedom - 75 fluff/filler free pages (over 23,000 thousand words) of high quality researched and unique content.

As a natural health therapist with over 7 years of experience, I’ve treated numerous fibromyalgia sufferers using natural remedies including; breathing techniques, herbal remedies, Bach remedies, energy healing methods and massage therapies.

In this book I literally include ALL of the knowledge and experience that actually works to naturally treat Fibromyalgia and the conditions that arise in connection with the disease.

The book is very straight forward and is a super easy read.

I've also partnered with my wife, which is a certified ND (Naturopath).

She included tailor made dietary recommendations as well as delicious recipes to naturally relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Other than covering the holistic aspects of treatment, the book also includes all the latest scientific research in treating Fibromyalgia as practiced worldwide by conventional medicine.

The whole idea of the book is to give the sufferer back the power to choose alternative and “human friendly” ways to treat themselves using tried and tested techniques that work!


3 High Quality PLR Audio Hypnotherapy Sessions MP3 and ITUNES ready (250$ Value)

These audio sessions have been recorded by a licensed hypnotherapist to turbo charge the healing of the mind, body and soul.

As an addition to the eBook these audio sessions are a massive value enhancer.

The eBook I’m offering here is of great value, but combined with these audio sessions your providing something that will explode the perceived value of the product you’re selling.

These amazing recording could be used on any computer and mp3 player and as an addition they come with an additional format that works on any iPod or ITunes so you could take them with you anywhere you go.

Sell them bundled up or sell them one by one, you have the rights to rake in on all the profits!

Audio 1: Control your life

Do you feel like you have lack of control over your life?

In this audio session you are guided to let go of the things in your life that you have no control over in order to gain control over the aspects of yourself that can be controlled.

Audio 2: Strong and Confident You

Long term illness may cause you to feel like you’ve lost all sense of confidence in doing the things that were once natural to your life.

In this audio session you are softly guided to imagine a place of confidence, strength and empowerment and ways to create new pathways in your life to long lasting confidence and inner strength.

Audio 3: Happiness Unlimited

Happiness is something that is cultivated as part of a balanced life.

If you are ill you may feel like a true place of happiness is far from reach.

In this audio session you will be guided to re-connect with your naturally born abilities to feel happy.


40 Fresh *UNRESTRICTED PLR* Articles

These are high quality, researched PLR articles that are loaded with informational gemstones.

This is only a (SHORT) list of the things you could do with these articles:

  • Use content for paid or free membership
  • Use them as auto responder messages and deliver high quality content to your followers
  • Give them as a free gift to grow your list
  • Upload them to your blog or website for higher rankings on Google
  • Spin them and send them out for an SEO explosion
  • Give them to your affiliates to promote your product
  • Re-write them and create another eBook

Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page -  No (template only)
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - Privacy Policy, Terms
  • Notable Reseller Extras - PLR Articles (4), PSD Graphics (source)

Distribution Rights

  • Resale Rights - Yes
  • Master Resale Rights - Yes
  • Private Label Rights (PLR) - Yes
  • Giveaway Rights - No
  • Offered as a Bonus - Yes
  • Full Product Copyrights - No
  • Full Graphic Copyrights - No
  • May Modify Product - Yes
  • Packaged with Other Products - Yes
  • Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
  • Added to Free Membership Websites - No
  • May Publish Offline - Yes
  • May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes


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