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The 300 Body [eBook & Audio]

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The 300 Body [eBook & Audio]
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  • Download File Size - 60.10 MB
  • eBook Format - PDF
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  • Number of Pages - 61
  • Audio Format - MP3
  • Number of Videos / Audios - 14
  • Release Date - 2017
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Product Summary

Learn how you can look like one of the 300 by following a simple training plan fit for the Spartans to build powerful muscles.

Do we really need to be strong and fit? It depends. It depends on the type of life we want to lead. Do we want to be normal? When normal increasingly means a person who eats junk food all day, abuses their body in every way imaginable and has a body that looks truly terrible in the mirror?

Or do we want to look much better, even beyond normal? Something heroic? Where our bodies are truly a temple that we can be proud of. A body that makes heads turn, feels great and performs how we need to when we need it to.

If you choose the second option, the option of a heroic body, then getting strong and fit is a must. This Guide gives you a straight path to that goal. Without endless cardio. Without wasting your time on exercises that don't anything. And without the need for expensive supplements, drugs, a personal trainer or any other distractions or potential dangers.

In our Guide you'll approach getting strong and fit with the take-no-prisoners and accept-no-excuses approach of the ancient Spartans. Famous as one of the most strong and fit societies the world has ever produced.

If you've seen any of the 300 movies, or read Gates of Fire, you'll know exactly why the Spartans are an inspiration. If you haven't see them or read the book, check them out. You'll be glad you did.

You're about to learn Spartan style and the the secrets to building powerful muscle. You've undoubtedly read or been told a ton of misinformation about muscle building. I'm about to share with you secrets that will have you, quickly, becoming stronger and looking better. Without complicated training routines that you'd need a spread sheet to follow.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction
  • Strength Training As Physique Building
  • When And Where To Train
  • The Few The Proud
  • A Look At The Spartan Lifts
  • How The Training Is Structured
  • The Spartan Deadlift
  • The Spartan Squat
  • The Spartan Chest Press
  • Warrior Pull Ups
  • Abs Like A Greek God
  • A Few Extra Weapons In The Arsenal
  • A Diet To Die For
  • Thinking Like The 300
  • Bonus FAQ
  • And Much More!


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