Swine Flu - eBook and Audio Pack

Swine Flu - eBook and Audio Pack
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File Size (Zipped): 21,264Kb
System Requirements: MS Word (or equivalent), MP3 Audio Player, or Computer
eBook/Transcription: Adobe PDF
Number Pages: 21
Audio Format: MP3
Audio Length: 19:20 Minutes
Salespage: Included (see above screenshot)
Download Page: Not Included
Extra Pages: None
Included Graphics: JPG, PNG
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Extras: 10 PLR Articles
Released/Circulated: 2009
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Product Summary:

As everyone is becoming susceptible to the Swine Influenza, we have arrived at the precise time to assure your safety and insured life journey with our own exclusive eBook of "SWINE INFLUENZA- A Spreading Myth or an Endangering Disease" that you had been craving for, believe us you unintentionally and unconsciously were.

As the diseases are evolving at a quicker pace with ever increasing threats from their side, you need to be prepared to fight them off and cure them to a great extent almost all of the time. But what seems lacking at this edge is the proper guidance that you can, primarily, trust and secondly abide by with ease and convenience. Well, the "trust" issue is most crucial and that is why we made your ultimate satisfaction our prior goal that is the main agent of gaining your ultimate trust and belief.

Our solution for your possible fear and trepidation has been designed in such a way to provide you with extensive convenience and comfort that you could ever wish for. Whilst staying at home in ease, you can track down the possible causes that might engage you in a life threatening problem and the subsequent treatment techniques as well!

As the viruses are mutating to produce versatile and various strains amongst animal and human species, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assure their possible treatment from the wonted vaccines. So in situations like this, it is advisable to equip yourself with preventive techniques that can possibly save you from these ailments.

Swine Influenza is an increasing maniac that has been present amongst us from 1918 when its first outbreak report was published. Although its origin is still elusive, it has been possibly depicted to have come from amongst the pigs, as per its name. But due to its devastating influences on the population world-wide, it has evoked greater concern amongst experimenters and analysts as to the possible ways for permanently treating it, and has given us a chance to serve you with our worth.

But due to rapid changes in the structure of the micro-organism, it is quite impossible to say anything for certain, though its diagnostics and treatment techniques are also being augmented side-by-side. To acknowledge you regarding all these factors and methods that can save your life and your kid's, we have designed our personal comprehensive and compact eBook that can assure your safety in days of the pandemic.
Our eBook has been traced out in such a technique in order to provide you with maximum information regarding the issue of viruses and the activities that they might engage in. Including the worth-while suggestions and expert's advices and possible experiments that are associated with every research and available information, our eBook contains in-depth knowledge and conception that you require regarding the recent pandemic outbreaks.

Exclusively, the eBook "SWINE INFLUENZA- A Spreading Myth or an Endangering Disease" consists of the following key features which have increased its worth, not for our profit motives, rather for satisfying your utility:

  • A Comprehensive Synopsis of the Influenza and its possible Classifications with major emphasis on its various types and accordingly sub-types.
  • The Reasons and Procedures of the changes in the present virus strains to evolve in to new combinations that previously were non-existent.
  • A General and Absolute Definition and Explanation of SWINE INFLUENZA
  • Its Evident and Prevalent Signs and Symptoms amongst the Humans as well as Pigs
  • The Authorized and Acknowledged Preventive and Causative Measures for both of the Human and Animal species.
  • The Experimented and Assured Treatment and Transmission techniques those are prevalent in the World Economies.



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