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Getting Introduced to Oil Painting - eBook and Audio

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Getting Introduced to Oil Painting - eBook and Audio
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Product Summary:

If you have always wanted to be a professional oil painter but never got the opportunity to join a class or get guidance by an expert, then pay attention...You are reading the most important letter of your life. This letter will open for you the door to success; it will not only take you to the world of Oil Painting but give you more than you could ever ask for! This is just the beginning.

The most important thing in every art form is to grasp the basics. One, who tries to learn an art form without knowing the basics and the origin of it, gets no success as their foundation is weak. Oil painting is an interesting form of art, but it must be understood to appreciate it and understand it well.
Keeping this in mind I present to you the e-book 'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting' where in I have included carefully selected chapters which with take you step by step into the world of Oil Painting. You will not be alone; you will be directed to the oil painting world by the experts themselves.
'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting' contains comprehensive details about the origin and birth of oil painting. It will take you back to the era when oil painting was known to none, and slowly artists recognized the need for it...and how the entire innovation of oil paining technique came into being.
A Must-Have Before You Get Started!!!

Through this e-book, I wish to offer a chance to all the oil painting enthusiasts to get face to face with their favorite art form. Don't just learn the art, know it completely! And then only you can be the master. Learn about the interesting story of oil painting invention and get to known many such things that you had never known before! It's a must have for all beginners before they get started with oil painting, - know the art!
What's Inside 'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting'

There cannot be a better way to get introduced to the oil painting world than through the masters of the art. In the e-book 'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting' you will get to learn about things that cannot be taught in any art class. Before, you start learning the art of oil painting, 'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting' prepares the ground for it. It gives you inputs about the origin of the art and the basic things that you need to know about it.
You may wonder - Why is it so necessary?
Well, It's upon you to decide - what do YOU want to be - Just another Oil Painter or a Master Painter?

Therein lays the answer to all your questions. To be a master in the field, get the 'Perfect Introduction' through the ace oil painters themselves.
I understand that you may not have enough time to go through searching detail information on Oil Painting through the different media, or attend coaching classes. This is why I have specially brought 'Getting Introduced to Oil Painting' for the oil painters enthusiasts of today.

The e-book contains concise and impact-full chapters that will give you the perfect introduction to the world of Oil Painting. The highlights of the e-book are as follows:

  • Brief history of oil painting - Get to know the story of invention

  • Introduction to oil painting mediums - What is linseed oil and what are the different forms?

  • Benefits and disadvantages of using linseed oil as a binder

  • Using alternatives oils as mediums

  • What are the things required to get started in oil painting

  • Tips for beginners in oil painting

But perhaps our pride may seem fallacious to you, and it sure should as not every other product must be blindly trusted until it truly is worth your hard-earned income. To ensure complete honesty on our behalf and certainty of your wealth's protection, we present to you the ultimate and explicit FEATURES that actually constitute our assiduous efforts our very own inception; ARTICLE WRITING-How To Become A Top Notch Writer:
The Basic Introduction And an Overview Of The Art of Writing.

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