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Attitude Of Gratitude [eBook]

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Attitude Of Gratitude [eBook]
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  • Number of Pages - 33
  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Once you make a commitment to lead a life of gratitude, you will eventually find that more good things come into your life.

The real art of being grateful is to develop an awareness on a continual basis about what you have no matter how small. Most people tend to concentrate on the things that they don't have. When you express gratitude on a regular basis you make a transition from always focusing on lack to focusing in the abundance that you have right now. There are health benefits to adopting an attitude of gratitude as well. Many studies have shown that being grateful makes people happier and more resilient to the challenges of life...

Most of us are taught to say thanks when we receive something from others. It tends to be an automatic reaction. But the giving of thanks can have a significant impact on the person receiving as well as for the giver of the thanks. The impact is even more intense if there is strong emotion linked to the giving of thanks. If the receiver sees that you really are appreciative for what they have done for you then they will get a warm feeling inside when they get a sincere thanks from you.

When you think about gratitude you usually express it in response to an action that occurs in a relationship situation with someone else. Another person has given you something or you have given something to another person. When people express gratitude for receiving they are performing an exchange. This exchange strengthens the gratitude emotion. Most emotions are powerful but gratitude is really powerful. When an exchange occurs the receiver of the gratitude needs to put themselves in the shoes of the giver to really experience the emotion...

What You'll Learn
  • What Is Gratitude?
  • Gratitude Goes Back A Long Way
  • What Should You Be Grateful For
  • Looking At The Small Things Around You
  • Putting Things In Perspective
  • Gratitude Leads To Abundance
  • Learn From The Law Of Attraction
  • Developing A Gratitude Mindset
  • The Benefits Of A Gratitude Mindset
  • Maintaining A Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude And Empowerment
  • How You Can Learn Gratitude
  • Developing The Habits Of Gratitude
  • Gratitude Journal Meditation
  • Practicing Gratitude In Your Daily Life
  • Power Of Gratitude In Relationships
  • Gratitude Best Practices
  • And Much More!


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