Law Of Attraction Bible
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  • Release Date - 2013
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Product Summary

Understand the power of Law of Attraction and the path that it provides to achieving unlimited dreams.

If you find yourself feeling chained to the desk and you currently have a wish to do something more in your life, you must be able to understand the power of Law of Attraction and the path that it provides to achieving unlimited dreams. The Law of Attraction can change weakness into strength, sadness into happiness and failure into success. With the Law of Attraction, everything is possible and nothing is out of your reach. If you follow the beliefs of the Law of Attraction, you will be able to achieve your end goals at a faster pace...

Many open minded people after believing for years that things do not come easy in any individual's life reach a point that they find it extremely hard to believe that they can achieve all that the desire by simply using the Law of Attraction. But when provided scientific evidence that supports the Law of Attraction many people have come to believe the power of this principle. Noted authors about the Law of Attraction such as Rhonda Byrne believes that most people cannot achieve their desired goals because they are living in the epidemic of negative thought processes. Such people focus on what they do not want and what they are lacking in their life rather than focusing on what they have and what they want.

What you'll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: History Of The Law Of Attraction
  • Chapter 3: Examples Of How The Law Of Attraction Works
  • Chapter 4: How People Tend To Misuse The Law Of Attraction
  • Chapter 5: Clearing Out The Clutter In Your Mind
  • Chapter 6: Being Very Clear About What You Want
  • Chapter 7: Focusing On The Ends Versus The Means
  • Chapter 8: Creating A Habit Out Of It
  • Chapter 9: More Do's And Don'ts About The Law Of Attraction
  • And Much More!

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