End of Days - Apocalypse 2010 - Viral eBook

End of Days - Apocalypse 2010 - Viral eBook
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  • Release Date - 2010
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Product Summary

You're worried about 2012, aren't you? You look around, and you know that something is changing in the world. You can just feel it. Even though your friends and family think you might be crazy, the prophecies are certainly making it hard to think that the end of the world isn't coming in just a few short years.

But what can you do about it?

You have heard that some people have a plan for getting through the End of Days, and you want to know more. But finding information is difficult, even impossible.

Until now.

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," you will learn how to get ready for 2012, with information from the cultures and from people who originally uncovered the idea in the first place. They know what to do – and now, so will you.

What is the End of Days?

If you're new to the 2012 discussion, you need to learn a bit more about the End of Days before you begin to make any sort of decisions about what you need to do.

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," you will learn about:

  • The origin of the date in 2012
  • Why the winter solstice?

Though this might seem pretty basic at first, knowing the origins of the end of the world can begin to put the stories into perspective, no matter what you might think of this date.

But there's plenty more to know.

What Does the Bible Have to Say?

The Bible is a book with a lot to say about everything, but what does it have to say about the end of the world?

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," we will discuss:

  • The Bible Code and the Torah
  • The mystical ramblings of Revelations
  • Other biblical interpretations and 2012

Though it might seem odd that the Bible would have ideas about a time that was so far into the future, perhaps there is something that you can learn about the end of the world from the most popular book in the world.

It has more to tell us than we realize.

What Does Nostradamus Predict?

Everyone knows that Nostradamus had a lot to say about everything, but this doesn't mean that he knew about the end of the world...right?

Within "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," you will learn more about:

  • The life of Nostradamus
  • The Centuries' method
  • The Centuries and 2012
  • Accuracy of Prediction

Whether you believe these predictions or not, you might want to find out more about what Nostradamus has to say about the world and what will happen to it.

What Do the Hopi Know?

Native cultures are often more in tune with the world than the rest of us – and the Hopi are no exception.

In this book, we will discuss the ideas of the Hopi, as well as when it comes to 2012:

  • Who are the Hopi?
  • Interpreters of the Hopi prophecy
  • What are the Hopi prophecies?
  • What do they say about 2012?
  • How the Hopi say you can survive 2012?
  • The aftermath

While this might sound strange to you now, when you read "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," you will find that maybe there is something that you need to learn from these ancient texts as well.

Who Are the Mayans?

But it's the Mayans who tend to get the most attention when it comes to 2012. Books upon books have been written about the end of the world and the Mayan culture.

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," we will go over these ideas and many more:

  • Who were the Mayans?
  • What is the Mayan calendar?
  • What does this calendar say?
  • The calendar and 2012
  • Proponents of the Mayan calendar

The Mayans have been talking about the end of the world for centuries, and their culture has been studied time and time again to find clues as to why they thought so strongly that the end of the world was coming in 2012.

Did You Know About These Prophets?

While the Bible, the Hopi, and the Mayans all have something to say about the end of the world, they aren't the only ones.

Nostradamus was just one of many prophets that have been trying to figure out and predict what will happen in the end of days.

This book covers the ideas of:

  • Madame Blavatsky
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Edgar Cayce
  • John Major Jenkins

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," you will learn more about their ideas and about how they came to their ideas. And this adds another layer of depth to the discussions of 2012.

There's An End of Days Theory Too...

Zecharia Sitchin is another person who seems to think he knows what will happen in 2012.

In "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012," we will cover:

  • Who Zecharia is
  • The end of days theories
  • The invisible planet, Nibiru – Planet X

While these ideas might sound far-fetched right now, as you learn more about this person and about his ideas, you will find that things are more realistic than they first appear.

And you might just change your whole perspective on 2012 as a result.

Is it the end of the world?
No one is completely certain.

But "The End of Days - Apocalypse 2012" will give you the information you need to make up your own mind.

In the end, no one knows until the world ends... or it might not.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, speculation is still allowed.

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