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HTML Fastrack 101

Stop Putting Up With The Hassles of Learning Web Design...

This Set Of Over 35 Fantastic Tools And Tutorials Will Help You Learn How To Create Profitable Web Sites Instantly With Ease!

How much is learning html worth to your future?

Suppose you could read a short tutorial, and be able to upload your web pages tonight!

Imagine... you read the short tutorials, use the dynamite software that we include, then you make a quick webpage and upload it...Your site is up and running!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right training resources.

Think about it. HTML is one of the most powerful skills you could ever learn. It's so wonderful because every business needs a webpage. Simply put, HTML is easy to learn and can be a very profitable skill.


But Learning HTML Quickly Is The Hard Part...

It could take you months and can cost you a small fortune in software and training to figure out just the right methods that make some web pages work well - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right html training solution, you can now have it inside a new product called:

"HTML Fast Track 101"

At last! Every secret to learning html and web pages quickly is here!

I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this - if you keep doing the same things over and over again - you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why I want to let try out my proven html training system - completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)


Which Of These Powerful Secrets & Tools
Could You Use To Profit Big With HTML?


  • How to use html software.  You get free HTML Software loaded with tons of fantastic features and online support.

  • How to upload your web pages to a web server.  I tell you the super quick and easy way to do this. 

  • Where to get quality web hosting. I recommend company that has a great forum where you can get your questions answered 24 hours a day!  You won't find hosting this quick and easy any where else!

  • The secret truth you must know about websites.  You'll love the don't need any of these fancy skills that everyone is touting.  In fact, you're probably better off being a complete beginner to html if you're looking to profit online with business.

  • Where to get tons of neat features to add to page absolutely FREE.  These secret sources took me years to find.  It was only after being on line building web pages for a year that I found these fabulous sites!

  • How to accept payments online within 2 days! If you are considering a merchant account, think again!  They will probably charge you for at least 5 months of service before you actually figure out how to implement them into your site!  Save yourself the hundreds of dollars by just following these simple directions to process payments securely and immediately!

  • Where to register your domain name.  You should get your own domain name!  I'll tell you where to get the best price, and how to adjust your domain name account so that it works with the web host you pick.  Most tutorials don't explain this, but I will!

  • How to get 1 Million + FREE clip-art for your WebPages.  I show you the simple method to access more than 1 million free clip-art images and photos.  These are very useful for sites.

  • How to code html.  This in depth tutorial tells you everything about coding simply follow these simple directions and print them for handy reference. 

  • How to make money with html.  The real profits from web design aren't from designing html pages!  To be honest, anyone can do HTML!  I'll tell you the real secret to make money with your WebPages.  Using these tactics you could start making money from your website in a few days while these so called "tech experts" go belly up by the dozens!

  • Using html on eBay.  eBay is a great place to sell things...even better if you can use html.  I'll tell you the super easy method to make great html listings for eBay auctions.  You could make a fortune creating eBay listings for people who want to sell but can't use html for their auctions!

  • The 10 things you absolutely must avoid when using html.  I'll tell you the 10 major things you really shouldn't use in your html pages...believe me, I've made thousands and thousands of pages, so I know what to avoid.

  • What the #1 most important factor of any web page is.  If you are trying to sell something online, I'll tell you the #1 thing you need to have on your page.  For weeks I had 0 sales...but when I put this on my page, sales started almost immediately!  This one thing is the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy!

  • How to find products to sell online.  If you want to sell things on your site, I'll tell you where to find products that you can sell for commission.  This system makes it easy!  It takes less than 4 minutes to add a product to your site with this method!

  • How to get other people to link to your site.  I'll give you a template message that you can send to other webmasters to get links for your site...just send a bunch of these and you'll help yourself to get traffic to your site.

  • How to modify & work on your web sites from any computer in the world! Whether you are at home, at an internet cafe, or simply have a laptop, I'll show you how you can work on your website from any location in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet.  Imagine how great it will be to get paid as you travel.  All you need to do is check in on your site every once in a while.

    Here are a few of the amazing features the html software provides...


  • Auto Pop Under
    This wizard will produce an automatic popunder script with a cookie that will allow the popunder to appear only once per browser session. The window is fully customizable to suit your requirements.

  • Auto Popup
    This wizard will produce a fully customizable automatic popup window that appears every time your page is opened.

  • Banner Rotator
    This wizard will produce a rotation for up to 10 banners. The banners will be rotated every x seconds and include clickable hyperlinks.

  • Color Picker 1 (by Color)
    This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes from our browser safe, 216 color, palette.

  • Color Picker 2 (by Name)
    This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes and Name codes for those who find remembering the hex codes difficult.

  • Countdown
    This wizard will produce a script that counts down to a specific event. Just enter the details and the job is done.

  • Div ScrollIf you have content/text or tables that are too long for your page then you can enclose the content in <DIV> or <SPAN> tags that have a defined height, width and scrollbars.

  • Dropdown MenuThis wizard will produce a dropdown menu with up to ten menu items. By using a form dropdown box for you menu you can save lots of valuable screen space.

  • FAQs PageThis wizard will help you create a Frequently Asked Questions page with up to 10 questions. Additional questions and answers can be added to the page by "hand". The wizard will create the code for the entire HTML page.

  • Heading ShadowThis wizard will create a great shadow effect for your headings and give your pages a lift.

  • HTML GlossaryA Glossary of most HTML 4 tags and a brief outline of their usage.

  • I-FramesIFRAMES can help you become quite creative with your page. Our wizard will quickly help you script them into your page.

  • Link CloakerThis wizard will produce a HTML frameset page that will help cloak your affiliate links.

  • Link PopupThis wizard will produce a fully customizable popup window that will only appear when a hyperlink is clicked.

  • Mailto: TagCreate an email "mailto:" tag that has the ability to include multiple addressees, carbon copies, subject lines and information in the body of the email.

  • Meta TagsQuickly create your all important meta tags. This wizard will make your coding so much easier. Create meta tags for a number of pages in one session by just changing a few variables.
  • Miscellaneous ToolsThese tools will help you calculate download times for your files, view the source code of any page on the www and search for graphics for your web pages.
  • Mouseover ImageThis wizard will create graphic button rollovers. Great for menus. The script will handle up to 10 buttons and also includes a preloader.
  • Mouseover TextCreate style sheet mouseover links that change color. These links will work in IE4+ and NN6+. All other browsers will see a normal link. Just choose your colors and decoration & you are done.
  • No-spam EmailStop the email-spam robots from getting your email address from your web site by using our clever email cloaking script.
  • Online ScriptsThe wonderful people at have graciously given us permission to access their database of JavaScript's and wizards.
  • Page BorderThis wizard will create a border that surrounds the whole page inside the browser window.
  • Page TransitionsThis wizard will create a number of page fade in and fade out transitions.
  • Protect ImagesThis method is not 100% infallible but it will deter all but the most knowledgeable and persistent thieves.
  • Quick ScriptsThis is a collection of short scripts, like "No Right Click" and "Auto Bookmark", that can be inserted into your pages with little or no alteration.
  • Random TextGive your page some dynamic content by creating up to 10 Random Text messages for your page. Each time the page is loaded a different text message appears.
  • ScrollbarsThe colored scrollbar can only be seen in IE5+ browsers. All other browsers will just present their normal scrollbar.
  • Search Engine Doorway PagesCreate doorway pages that are targeted to getting your site registered higher in the search engines.
  • Special CharactersA library of codes that will enable you to print special characters to the screen.
  • Thumbnail PopupDo you have a lot of thumbnail graphics linked to larger graphics. This wizard's script creates pages on the fly opening the graphic in a popup window with its own close button.
  • Time of Day GreetingsThis script will greet your visitors with a different message depending on what time of day it is.
    HTML to JavaScript You can convert your html to JavaScript with 1 click Script Tester test out your scripts on your computer before you upload them.

  • Note PadThis is built into the software.  You can use this to type up your html pages.

  • Access to the Online Script Database.  This is an amazing collection of very useful tools for your webpage.  You get them all free.  There are too many wonderful features to list here.

  • Question and Answer Forum:You can get answers to your questions 24/7.  There are a lot of people to help you and make sure that you get your site running quickly.  Just post a question and get an answer!
  • Online Ideas.  Ideas for websites
  • Plus, lots more


Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this html training course + software could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact if you asked a top web design expert, like myself, to produce your web pages for you, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of $250 to $500, not including monthly maintenance fees.

(I currently charge a minimum of $250.00 for web sites). So at bare bones minimum you're getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of web design at your disposal.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price.


So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it's really quite simple. The course is instantly downloadable, so I don't waste time or money on shipping.  You can download and start learning within the next 5 minutes!


You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In This HTML Product!


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