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VIP Desk

Your Web-Based Help, Support & Service Desk for Your Site Visitors, Prospects & Customers!

Convert More Prospects to Customers, Skyrocket Customer Loyalty, Increase the Percentage of Repeat Customers, Save Yourself Tons of Customer Support Hours... And A Lot More!

Success Tip: If you want to succeed online and make big bucks, follow the footsteps of the internet marketing gurus and do what  DO!

And if you think only the big guys are implementing customer support help desks on their sites, think again.

In fact, you don't have to think at all. Just surf the web and see for yourself! It's amazing...

Almost all small business websites that are serious about their online business have a customer service desk, and there are thousands of 'em!

The reason is not just because help desks have become affordable to anyone doing business online.

The reason is primarily the tremendous benefits and profits that a support desk can generate for an online business.

Why You Need to Have a Help/Service/Support Desk on Your Website & What You Stand to Lose IF You Don't!

The fact that internet marketing pros and gurus have support desks on their sites should be a good enough reason for you to have one too. That's because these $guys$ do not do or not do anything without conducting intensive marketing tests, search and research.

Your own web-based help, support & service desk for your site visitors, prospects and customers can:

  • Make you look professional. Which is more professional to you? Someone offering customer support via email or someone offering support via  professional help desk (which actually costs less than $100 to acquire)?

  • Convert more prospects to customers. Many prospects just need a small nudge from you to turn them to lifetime customers. Usually, this nudge comes as a result of promptly answering their questions and inquiries.

  • Skyrocket customer loyalty and satisfaction. It's a fact. Customers who receive professional support are much more likely to become your customers for life!  Also, a website that does not have a help desk, has to offer its customers support via email. And we all know the problems of email communication and filters. It's happening every single day: A customer would be emailing you customer support questions that you wouldn't be even receiving! Talk about angry, upset customers and bad word of mouth!

  • Increase the percentage of repeat customers.  Satisfied customers will buy again and again from you. It's a fact. And you must remember: It's five six times easier to sell to a satisfied customer than to acquire a new customer.

Did you know?80 to 90% of a firm's profits are generated by 10 to 20 percent of its customers. It costs six times more to sell to a new customer than to an existing customer.

  • Save yourself tons of customer support hours. How? Well, how many times do you find yourself retyping the answers to the same email questions? How much time do you spend going through your emails to see which ones are from your customers who need support and which ones (hundreds!) are SPAM!

Bottom line, if you want to increase and maximize your online profits you need to have a support desk!


Unanswered prospects and customers' questions and delays in dealing with your customers' problems could cause your business serious losses in the short, middle and long runs.

The best way to deal with all this is to have a service-n-support desk.

Introducing... VIP DESK!

VIP Desk is your web-based help, support & service desk for your site visitors, prospects & customers!

VIP Desk is flexible and easy to use, with all the features you'd need to have a unified and central point of support contact with your prospects and customers.



VIP Desk Blowout Features!

Here's what VIP DESK is all about, divided into the three categories of (1) Admin, (2) Operator and (3) User.

I. Admin Panel (That's your panel, boss!)

It couldn't get any easier:

  • Add, Edit, Delete Departments. You can have a 'department' for each one of your products.

  • You can have unlimited departments!

  • Add, Edit, Delete Operators for any Department(s). You can assign operators to departments. Each operator can only handle the Tickets under the department(s) assigned to him.

  • You can have unlimited operators.

  • Add, Edit, Delete Troubleshooters. Troubleshooters are a series of choice questions a customer goes through in order to pinpoint and nail his exact problem.

Here's a simplified example:

"Is your problem A, B or C."  If you choose 'A', you are asked:

"Is it A1, A2, or A3."  If you answer 'A2', you are given:

"Answers to problems related to A2 are 1, 2 and 3".

This is similar to Windows Help troubleshooters.

  • Add, Edit/Delete Knowledgebase, where important issues can be listed for users
    to refer to. The Knowledgebase has multi-keywords search capability.

  • Add, Edit, Delete Announcements for users to read. e.g. Keep your customers
    up-to-date on your latest website/product(s) news!

  • Add, Edit, Delete Downloads. Forget about emailing individual people big-sized help files, PDF files, manuals, guides, etc. (which might not even reach your customers due to email filters). Provide all your downloads in VIP Desk where they'll be instantly available 24x7 to whomever wants them!

  • See open and closed tickets. Of course, Admin can reply to any ticket(s) in any department.

  • Mail is sent to user after admin replies to the ticket.

  • Reopen/close tickets.

  • Edit autoresponder emails content (which VIP Desk sends upon sign up, upon reply to ticket, etc.) Admin can edit emails sent to users, operators.

  • Custom naming. What are you going to call your help desk?

By the way, you can name your help desk whatever you like. It doesn't have to say "VIP DESK" in the header! It can say: "[your business name] Desk!"

II. Operator Panel

s we mentioned earlier, under Admin Panel, you are the one who assigns Operators for every department. An Operator can only handle tickets under his department.

Operator can:

  • Reply to tickets.

  • Reopen and close tickets.

  • Add, Edit, Delete Troubleshooters.

  • Add, Edit, Delete Knowledgebase.

    In short, operators have the capability to fully manage the service and support department assigned to them.

III. User Panel

A user can:

  • Submit a ticket.

  • Specify a department, ticket priority, ticket-subject and ticket-matter.

  • Check the status of his ticket as often as (s)he likes.

  • Re-open/close ticket.

  • Check out the Troubleshooters added by Admin or Operator.

  • Browse the Knowledgebase added by Admin or Operator.

  • Download files added by Admin in downloads folder.

  • Stay up-to-date by checking out what's up and what's new, by viewing the Announcements added by Admin.

  • There is also a Popular Knowledgebase Topics, giving users quick access to the most popular views and issues in Knowledgebase.

Download Your VIP Desk Now!

You can have VIP DESK up and running on your site in minutes!


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