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was started in 2005 as a way to provide wholesale pricing on resale rights digital products, to resellers worldwide. Although this website was not created until 2005, we have been in the resale business since 1999 and are very familiar with the trends, changes, and hottest selling products that are available today. We have affiliations with dozens of product designers, and wholesalers, so we get you products that are fresh, and should be easy sellers for you at your website. We are diligently searching every day for new products for our resellers, and on average add between 70-90 new products to our catalog every month.

Commitment - Our staff works very hard to provide you with the very best products, at the very best prices available. We provide professional ready-made sales pages and websites to accompany over 95% of the products that well sell to you, so that you can easily have this product up for sale on your own site within minutes after ordering it.

Product Testing - We do our best to examine every product we sell thoroughly in order to provide you the reseller the most absolute fair wholesale price so that you will be able to maximize your earnings from each product, while you offer your own customers a fair price. Occasionally a product has not been tested yet, or an ebook has gone out of date. We rely on our customers to report such products to us, and we will in most cases remove it from our catalog, unless we can resolve the product issue ourselves.

Support - We have upgraded our customer support program to include a full knowledgebase and support ticket system in order to provide the the best customer service possible. This service is new so bear with us as we work to perfect it.

Return Policy - We offer a 30 Day return policy on every resale product that we sell in our catalog. We completely understand that occasionally you may misunderstand what a product actually is, or does, and in most cases getting a refund from online retailers, or wholesalers can be very frustrating. You will not have to concern yourself with this at Our return policy is part of our commitment to excellence, and we strongly stand by that commitment. Please Note: There are exceptions to this rule, we are keen on fraud attempts, so persons making very large first orders and demanding refunds for all products, larger orders will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please submit your requests to the link below.