Affiliate Customizer - FREE

Affiliate Customizer - FREE
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Affiliate Customizer

Get Your Affiliates Selling More Of Your Products

Quick And Easy Software Tool Saves Your Affiliates Time And Effort


If you have your own affiliate program, you probably create ready made adverts for your affiliates. Using these allows your affiliates make sales with minimal effort.

Your affiliates need to customize each of these adverts with their affiliate link and possibly other details such as their name and contact details.

Each time you release a new advert, your affiliates have to spend time and effort looking up their affiliate link or ID and modifying the advert by hand.

If you could automate this process for them, you would not only save them time and effort, but also reduce the chance of them making expensive mistakes.

In the competitive world of Internet marketing, helping your affiliates in this way can make all the difference, resulting in more affiliates actively promoting your products.

Until now automatically customizing adverts could only be done using special scripts installed on your web site, involving lots of expensive custom programming work.

But now there is an alternative ...

Affiliate Customizer is brand new Windows software which will customize your adverts in seconds.

Your affiliates simply fill in a short form with their details and the software will automatically customize your adverts for them.

Once entered, the affiliates details are stored, so new adverts can be customized almost instantly.

How To Make Life Easier For Your Affiliates


To use Affiliate Customizer, you must prepare your adverts using the simple rule explained below.

You then give your prepared advert to your affiliates along with a free copy of Affiliate Customizer.

Your affiliates will still be able to easily customize your adverts by hand if they prefer, but using Affiliate Customizer is easier and faster.

To prepare your adverts, all you need to do is enclose text to be customized between (* and *).

For example, if you want your affiliates to insert their name at a particular place in your advert, simply insert:

(*Your Name*)

at the relevant place in your advert. When your affiliates use Affiliate Customizer, it will automatically ask the affiliate for their name and replace all occurrences of (*Your Name*) with the affiliates name.

Similarly if your affiliate program is called ABCD, to have your affiliates insert their affiliate ID for your program, simply insert:

(*Your ABCD ID*)

at the relevant place in your advert. When your affiliates use Affiliate Customizer, it will automatically ask the affiliate for their ABCD ID and replace all occurrences of (*Your ABCD ID*) with their ID.

You can insert anything you want in this way, including name, address, phone number, email address, web site link, affiliate link, affiliate ID and anything else you want.

Full instructions and examples are included with Affiliate Customizer.

When you have prepared your adverts, simply let your affiliates access them as normal, by copying them off your web site or by sending the adverts to your affiliates in an email.

You also need to provide your affiliates with a link to download a free copy of Affiliate Customizer.

To customize your adverts, your affiliates copy your advert from your web site or email onto the Windows Clipboard in the usual way, then run Affiliate Customizer.

Affiliate Customizer will instantly analyze the contents of the Windows Clipboard and present the affiliate with a simple form to fill in.

When they have filled in their details on the form, they click the Update button and the Windows Clipboard contents are instantly updated, customized and ready for use.

Affiliate Customizer remembers everything your affiliate enters, so when they use the software to customize another advert, any previously entered details will be automatically filled in on the form.

This means subsequent adverts can be customized almost instantly.

Affiliate Customizer even allows for customizing files, as well as the Windows Clipboard contents, so you can easily make mini web sites or even full autoresponder courses instantly customizable.

Your Free Money Making Brander

In order to distribute Affiliate Customizer to your affiliates, you need to buy a license.

The license comes complete with a special brander, allowing you to put your own web site name and link prominently on the software.

The brander also allows you to brand additional advertising within the software to earn commissions.

You can make money from Affiliate Customizer, while helping your affiliates.

Full Master Resale Rights Included FREE

The license and brander for Affiliate Customizer actually comes with full master resale rights.

This means you can sell the license and brander to others and keep all the money.

Just make one sale to recover your investment.

Alternatively you can bundle license/brander with other products, or offer it from membership sites.

The license/brander comes complete with a copy of this mini site to help you distribute it.

All This For One Low Price


Of course you are now wondering what all this is going to cost.

Making life easier for your affiliates can significantly boost your popularity and sales.

Add to this the income potential from selling the license and brander to others and I'm sure you will agree that this is a valuable offer.

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