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Lucrative Software Machine - FREE

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Lucrative Software Machine - FREE
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Lucrative Software Machine

There are over 440,000,000 searches for "software"each month .


What about Lawrence Joseph Ellison? He's not as popular as Bill Gates but, he co-founded a small company called Oracle Systems in the 1970's that makes database software. Also a college dropout, he is now worth over $19.5 Billion!


Guess how he's preserving his wealth . . .

He's buying up software companies! He just spent $19 Billion buying over 20 software companies. Why is he buying companies that produce software? I'll tell you . . . because software runs the applications of the future.


You can create your own software and start developing your own software company.


Here's The Secret:

Pretend with me that one day you turn on your computer and you decide that you want to play your favorite music with the free multimedia software you got with your computer.


While playing your favorite song, you hear one part that you really like and you think to yourself,

"I wish I had some ringtone maker software so I could use that as my ringtone!"


So you search the Internet for "free ringtone maker software" . . .


You quickly download a "free to try" multimedia authoring software and discover that it can only convert .OGG and .WAV files, not Audio CD Files, but your favorite song is in Audio CD format!


So you search on Ask.com with the question, "Is there any software to convert Audio CD's into ringtones?", and you soon find out that you are not the only one asking. . .


There are literally THOUSANDS of people asking the same question!


So you think to yourself, "What if I create my own software and sell it to these people who are looking for it?"


So here's what you do:

  1. Come up with a software idea

  2. Build the software using a proven formula

  3. Market the software to the masses

The process of creating software is not as hard as you may think. People generally have no problem with Number 1, and Number 3 is easy when you have already researched before hand.


But, Number 2, is where most people fail to develop the software of their dreams, because they don't have a clear, direct, proven, step-by-step formula.


That's all there is to it. Anyone can create software . . .



I made my own software creation software that can actually create software! Yeah I know that sounds a little confusing. It's basically what I like to call creation software:software that creates software.


It's called,

The Lucrative Software Machine


It's Already Received an Award Certified By SOFTPEDIA!!

Received the Excellent Software Award From the Freeware Shareware Center!!

Received the 4 Star Award From the Download Pipe!!

Received the 5 Star Award From the Program URL!!

You can make your own software with it in literally 10 minutes. Your software can have a web page, sound, images, text and more. You can change the colors of the text and background and pop out your software in 10 minutes flat. You can see what your software will look like in the Simulated Software window as it's being created!


It even has a viral component that will open up the web page of your choice when someone clicks on "About Us!" This is powerful! Any webpage you choose . . . affiliate websites, ClickBank products, and more. This can be very lucrative in the right hands!


Use it to put together software to sell on eBay.

Make software applications to build your subscriber list

Create software and show your friends on MySpace how cool you are.


Here is a small list of software you can create withLucrative Software Software machine:


  • Music creation software


  • Multimedia presentation software


  • Website creation software


  • Ebook creation software


  • Calendar creation software


  • Photo Album creation software


  • Auction creation software


  • Cartoon creation software


  • Business card creation software


  • Create logo software


  • Create flyer software


  • Create map software


  • Create newsletter software


  • Create screensaver software


  • Label maker software


  • Ringtone maker software


  • Crossword puzzle maker software


  • Family tree maker software


  • Contract developer software


  • And much more.

The possibilities are truly endless.


One Example Software Project

  • Manual cost $1000

  • You then sell the software for $50.

  • If you sell JUST 20 in one month, you have already made your money back. (20 x $50 = $1000)

  • Everything you sell over 20 is PURE PROFIT . . . FOREVER.

  • If you continue at the same pace selling ONLY 20 a month, that's an EXTRA $12,000 a year.


Would an EXTRA $12,000 a year make a difference in your life? And that's with just one project. What happens if you do more than one software project in a year?


The fact is: this is a PROVEN, Step-By-Step and time-tested "system" for creating software that flat out works over and over again.


Anyone can do this and any business that wants to build a successful software product line can do it.


"Are You Ready To Start Your Own Software Empire"


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