Phoenix Piracy Shield (PLR) - FREE

Phoenix Piracy Shield (PLR) - FREE
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File Size (Zipped):9,254Kb
Script Language:PHP
Script Source Code:Included
Server Requirements:PHP 4.3+, MySQL DB (1), Linux/Unix Server
Installation Guide:Included
Users Guide:Included
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Additional Pages:Contact page, Terms and Conditions
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Script Details:

Let's cut right to the chase. You need a solution that lets you do ALL of the following (integrating seamlessly with your existing setup, of course)...

  • Monitor everything that's going on with your product's usage - You deserve to know exactly how many different people have used your product today. And more importantly, you deserve to know how many of them actually paid, and if they didn't pay, where they got the copy from. Using advanced IP-tracking technology, this is now possible.

  • Suspend licenses that spread - Suppose you discover that someone did give your product out to several people illegally. Now what? You need to be able to log in and deactivate specifically those people's versions of your product, and ask them to pay before they can use it again.

  • Revoke the privilege to run your program when someone asks for a refund - One of the biggest problems with digital product delivery is that if someone asks for a refund, they still have access to your product. NOT ANY MORE! With Phoenix Piracy Shield, you can instantly disable someone's access to your product if they ask for a refund.

  • Charge a monthly fee for your product - Would you like to charge a monthly fee for your product? You can set your licenses to expire after a certain number of days, and require payment to renew them. If the payment isn't made, your product will simply stop running!

  • Integrates seamlessly in minutes with your web page – Phoenix Piracy Shield will take no more than 10 minutes to integrate with your web page. It requires NO scripting, NO programming experience, and NO learning curve. I've set up the tools so you just click and go.

  • Automatically collects identification info - Immediately after a sale, the purchaser's name and email is recorded and matched with a license number, so that you can contact them if there is any need to suspend the license! License codes are also automatically generated and emailed to your customers!

  • Can lock ANY software or e-book - Simply download our one-click locking tool and you'll be able to add our tracking and locking system to ANY already-existing file (EXE, PDF, etc). You won't have to worry about any programming. Instantly, you'll be able to track the usage of that file, require a valid license code before it can be run, and disable specific copies if you discover they're pirated!

  • Industrial strength security – Phoenix Piracy Shield doesn't fall prey to the most common methods of hacking digital product security. Among others, it does not save a temporary copy of your product unprotected in the TEMP folder.

  • Is INCREDIBLY easy to use - Just click a few buttons and you're in business. And just to make double-sure that you get everything up and running properly, we give you a detailed step-by-step walkthrough the second you sign up. We'll also offer you email support at any time that you need it.

    So, how exactly does Phoenix Piracy Shield work?

  • I know you're curious as to exactly how the Phoenix Piracy Shield system works.

    You will be given a program that will modify ANY existing file (software or e-books, EXE, PDF, etc.) to require a valid Phoenix Piracy Shield license before running. You will then distribute the locked version.

    Next, you will configure your web site to redirect successful purchasers to a special coded URL on Phoenix Piracy Shield that we give you.

    Immediately after purchase, customers will be asked for their name and email address and then automatically provided with a "license code" that they can use to unlock their product.

    Customers who purchase and download your program will be required to enter a valid license code before accessing the software or e-book (you locked the file earlier). They will only have to enter this once.

    You can log in and check the usage statistics for all of your products' licenses (you can have unlimited products and licenses with one account).

    If at any time you notice too many unique IPs for one license or a customer asks for a refund, you can immediately de-activate that copy of the program from remote with a single click!

    You'll have everything set up within 10 minutes...GUARANTEED! Free setup is included for all members if you need help!


    Master Resale Distribution Rights:
    YESSell Private Label Rights
    YESSell Master Resale Rights
    YESEdit/Alter the Sales Materials
    YESAdded to Paid Membership Sites
    NOAdded to Free Membership Sites
    YESCan be Packaged with Other Products (3 max)
    YESSell at Auction Sites
    NOOffered as Free Bonus
    NOGiven Away for Free

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