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Quick Pay Pro
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File Size: 499Kb Salespage: Included
File Format: PHP, CGI Suggest. Retail: $0-65.95
Requirements: PHP 3+, 1 MySQL DB Install Guide: Included
Resale Rights: Master Resell Rights Circa: 2003

Quick Pay Pro

Note: This does not work on all websites. You are free to take this free copy, but install at your own risk.

"Get Over $200,000 Worth Of Software For Less Than A Penny On The Dollar"


Secure Real-time Credit Card Processing And Digital Product Delivery

An ordering system that immediately allows you to plug in an unlimited number of products, process credit cards in real-time, and digitally ship e-books, software or info products in seconds

Undetectable digital product delivery using Cloak Technology so customers can download your product without ever knowing its location!

Built-in unlimited autoresponders

Totally integrated tracking to manage all of your online marketing campaigns, calculate your hits-to-sales ratios, ad profitability, sales statistics and much more

Track all sales, and credit the appropriate affiliate with the correct commission, instantly send them an email to thank them for their referral, and store the customer information into an online management database for you to email to at will - all automatically!

Yep, that's right ... you can run your own shopping cart and affiliate automation solution membership website!

Buy it right now and get full download access

I'm talking about selling you the whole thing, source code and all to be able to start running your own shopping cart and affiliate solution charging $49, $59, or even $79 a month to as many people as you can.


The Income Potential Is Substantial and Immediate!
Depending on what you do with it.


What Can You Do With

This Source Code?


Use this yourself to set up a copy of QuickPayPro on YourDomain.com to run your internet marketing business and never pay a $79 monthly payment again to any other shopping cart and affiliate management company!


This alone may save you up to $948.00 per year!


Set up your own QuickPayPro, or The Other Big Shopping Cart style website and start selling memberships to others for $49 to $79 a month.

You could run a smaller more personalized site than the big guns offering these services do which will make you a hero to your subscribers!

This program is tried and true with over $9 million in sales processed, 90,000+ affiliates, 2.5 million subscribers, and over 5000 members using it as their shopping cart and affiliate tracking solution.


Offer FREE subscriptions to your current client base or membership website customers, think that will score you some points with them?


You can even charge them a few bucks to cover your cost and still give them a deal they will be thanking you for all year!

  Resell or License the source code to others for a hefty premium. So they can run their own Shopping Cart and Affiliate Tracking membership websites.

This incredible shopping cart and affiliate management system cost over $200,000 and took over 4 years to develop.  You should have no problem selling copies of it to others at any price you wish!


You Own Full Resale Rights to this Solution so you can sell it in any way that you see fit and at any price you see fit, you can even resell the source code itself.. the only small requirement is that you do not remove the QuickPayPro copyright notice and link to QuickPayPro.com from it.

The above resell rights are worth thousands of dollars by itself.
This is a HUGE money-making opportunity
  Change the code to build a new piece of software, you can edit the code in any way you wish to create any type of new project you wish!
  You Keep 100% of all money you make from all sales you make using this code!


If you need help getting this code installed on your website, there is a company that will install it for you for a small fee. All the information is provided in the download.


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