Cursor Ad Generator - FREE

Cursor Ad Generator - FREE
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Cursor Ad Generator

Instantly Create Attention-Grabbing Cursor Ads That Actually Follow Your Visitor's Cursor with Cursor Ad Generator!

A Cursor Ad gets your visitor's instant and full attention and is guaranteed to stand out and be noticed. Your visitors can't help but to see and interact with your Cursor Ad as it follows their every move!

You can feature any content of your choice in a Cursor Ad such as links to web pages that you want people to visit, your email list sign-up form, a download link for your free e-book or software, important messages that you want to make sure people notice and read, the same content that you normally load in a pop-up window (while avoiding Popup Blockers since Cursor Ads cannot be blocked by them), or any HTML content of your's all up to you!

Feature any content of your choice in a Cursor Ad and it's guaranteed to get full and instant attention from all of your visitors throughout their every move!


A Cursor Ad loads inside of an iframe window and is dynamically positioned over the rest of the page so that it's always on top. Since you can load any type of URL in an iframe, you can feature any web page of your choice in a Cursor Ad.

You can also set the width, height, and border styling for the Cursor Ad. Choose any size width and height (in pixels) and any border color along with any one of multiple border styles and thickness.

Plus, since Cursor Ads are an actual part of the page that appear over the rest of the page and are not opened in a separate browser window, they cannot be blocked by Popup Blockers.


Your Cursor Ad will launch as soon as the entire page has loaded. The Cursor Ad will follow the visitor's cursor whenever the cursor is outside of the boundaries of the Cursor Ad. Whenever the cursor is over the Cursor Ad, the Cursor Ad will stay in a fixed position so the visitor can interact with it.

Also, the Cursor Ad's movements will be clipped to the inside of the browser viewing area so that the visitor can always see and be able to interact with the Cursor Ad.


You have total control over the styling of the Close Bar and whether or not to even include a Close Bar. You can set the Close Bar position to either appear at the top, bottom, left, or right of the Cursor Ad.

You can also set the Close Bar background and close symbol colors to any colors of your choice. Plus you can set the alignment of the close symbol to left, center, or right (if the Close Bar position is top or bottom) or top, middle, or bottom (if the Close Bar position is left or right).

You will also have the option to include a close link within the HTML of your Cursor Ad in addition to or in place of the Close Bar.


You have total control over how often each visitor sees your Cursor Ad. You can set the Display Frequency to any one of 3 settings: 1) Show every time page is visited, 2) Show only once per browser session, or 3) Show only once every X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds (where X is the number selection of your choice).

A cookie is used to keep track of when a visitor was last shown the Cursor Ad so that s/he is only shown the same Cursor Ad again based on your display frequency setting.


In addition to the Cursor Ad that first appeared when you entered this page, here are a few other example Cursor Ads for you will get:


  • Site Link with right Close Bar.


  • List Subscribe Form with top Close Bar and an
    additional close link inside of Cursor Ad HTML.


  • Ebook Download Link with left Close Bar.


  • Special Offer Coupon Link with no Close Bar
    and a close link inside of Cursor Ad HTML.


  • Text Ad with bottom Close Bar.

These are just examples to give you an idea of some of the Cursor Ads you can create. You can feature any type of content that you want in your Cursor Ads and choose from multiple settings. So the possibilities for the types of Cursor Ads you can create are endless!


Cursor Ad Generatorallows you to quickly and easily create attention-grabbing, response-boosting Cursor Ads to add to your site.

You don't need to have any advanced programming knowledge or skills.

You simply make a few selections, click a button to have the code instantly and automatically generated for you, then follow the simple Code Installation Instructions to copy and paste the code on your web page.

It's that simple!


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