Down and Dirty Guide to Web Business

Down and Dirty Guide to Web Business
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Down and Dirty Guide to High Profit Web Business

If you're not making as much money as you want to from your web business - it's time to do what the experts do and get DOWN & DIRTY!

If you sell any product or service online - here's how to make your business HIGHLY PROFITABLE - FAST.

Warning: This is a no-holds barred, in your face book of tips and tricks that could SERIOUSLY increase your wealth.


If you sell any kind of product or service online, or you plan to in the near future, I want you to read this letter VERY CAREFULLY.


Because although you don't realize it yet, in the next few minutes I'm going to tell you exactly how this low-cost guide can help make your business highly profitable and FAST.

So what makes this book so special?

In a nut-shell, it contains some down and dirty (but totally legal) tips and tricks that you need to know if you expect to compete on the Internet.

Let's take a look at just a sample of what you'll get when you buy this book...

  • A Six point checklist EVERY Internet entrepreneur needs to run down if they want to ensure success.


  • My personal 'Super Fast Profit Booster' system that I use to quickly pull in extra money when things get quieter than usual. You can apply this any time.


  • One thing you CANNOT do without and yet so many try. For some it costs them their business - don't let it happen to you.


  • How to REALLY promote your site without taking a dime out of your own pocket.


  • When you look at the vast amount of information available online how do you pick out the fact from the fiction? Here's the right way.


  • There have been many articles written on the 'copy-cat' principle. Most of them get this WRONG. Here's the down and dirty on this technique and how you can use it to put cash in your pocket.


  • If you are going to sell there are some must have skills. It's unlikely any of us have all of them naturally, so here is how to get ANY of them almost INSTANTLY.


  • How to get a FANTASTIC, Professional looking web site for less than $30.


  • E-zine advertising works, but you MUST know how to craft your ad. What you need to know is right here.


  • The real secrets of Coercive Persuasion - You get a secret link to over 50 pages of lethal information that will show you how to command and control people through words.


  • If you've ever had a hard time putting a sales page together, it's about to get quick and easy. Included in this guide is a web-sales page template that you can use to quickly craft a sales letter for just about any product or service.

Not bad so far eh? But there's more...

  • How to instantly increase the perceived value of your product, without it costing you a fortune and without ending up offering the same tired old bonuses that everyone else has.


  • Exactly HOW to test your sales copy, advertising, pricing and your product. Many people tell you to do it, not many tell you HOW.


  • Which of these prices is best? $29.95, $29.99, $29.49, or $29.50? Actually it's none of the above. But did you know a price change of less than 5 cents can drastically increase your sales? The heads-up is right here.


  • How I have been 20-30% more expensive than my competition with a comparable product and out-sold them all.


  • If you don't have an opt-in mailing list you NEED one and you have to build it. Here's how to really attract people to hand over their e-mail addresses.


  • My web business is 95% automated. Orders are processed and delivered whether I am in the office or not. Automation is vital - I'll tell you why and give you a bunch of useful tips on HOW to automate even if you no nothing about CGI scripting and all that confusing stuff.

And if you like the sound of that, there's one chapter in this book that's going to help you drive a massive amount of traffic to your site.

The chapter is called "The Down and Dirty on Search Engines". There are many volumes in print and in e-book format on so-called 'search engine tricks', but I doubt any of them have the real down and dirty tips and tricks that are in this chapter.

  • How to LEGALLY cheat in such a way you don't risk getting banned or un-listed.


  • A search engine ranking service that a web marketing firm I know of charges over $100 for, you can get the EXACT same service for just a few bucks.


  • How to knock some of your competitors clean off the search engine charts. You need to do this to them and make sure they can't do it to you.


  • Getting listed on Google is vital. Yahoo uses Google for its web based listings. I'll show you the short-cut way to get listed on Google (because DMOZ takes forever).


  • If you don't own any good books on search engine warfare, I'll save you the money. Here are THREE killer web sites that reveal the real work on search engine listing.

What I've told you about so far is easily worth several times more than the tiny amount you're being asked to invest in this guide. But we're still not finished...

  • The 1,000 peons for profit system. This might be a little controversial, but it brings sales and its legitimate.


  • How to write free articles for promotional purposes and where to submit them, including one site that will deliver your article to 249 other sites FREE.


  • I recently wrote 5 articles and had them listed on a site at the same time. A few weeks later and one of the reports has been downloaded 263 times, another 243 times. But the others have been downloaded 23, 16 and 8 times respectively. I know EXACTLY why this is and there's a VITAL lesson to be learned.


  • The course opened with a 6 point checklist and finishes with a 12 point success check list incorporating all the new insider tricks you've learnt. Run your products, services and web site through this checklist for success.


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