Bounty Hunter Cash

Bounty Hunter Cash
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  • eBook Format - PDF, DOC, PPS, HTML, TXT, EPUB
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  • Number of Pages -  45
  • Release Date - 2012
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Product Summary

If you think you can't become a bounty hunter, without tons of headache and frustration then you're lying to yourself.

Or, you simply don't know the "secrets".

What secrets am I talking about? Here they are...

  • The one thing most bounty hunters say is key to their success...
  • The shocking history behind bounty hunting revealed...
  • What being a bounty hunter really is like ( television sensationalizes the job, get the real scoop here )...
  • Why you may not always be allowed to physically hunt a criminal on the run...
  • A list of all states where you can and cannot actually physically hunt the criminal...
  • Why you must NEVER begin bounty hunting without an extensive understanding of how the bail-bonds system works!
  • The real truth behind bounty hunting licenses revealed...
  • How you can make multi-thousand dollar pay days bringing deadbeat criminals to justice!
  • The secrets to getting your bounty hunter license quickly and easily...
  • An exclusive list of all the best bounty hunter classes that you can take online from the comfort of your own home ( I wish I'd had this resource when I first started )...
  • The fitness secrets of the bounty hunting elite revealed !
  • How finding a mentor can be key to your success as bounty hunter...
  • The lowdown on all the tools used by bounty hunters to bring runaway criminals down!
  • Why you absolutely must have insurance as a bounty hunter and the simple way to get it...
  • The different types of business insurance explained ( never be taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies again! )
  • Why being a bounty hunter is not about being a "goon"! ( Bounty hunters are some of the most professional people you'll ever meet, here's why... )
  • A simple formula you can use to decide which bail bondsmen you want to work for!
  • The one thing you absolutely must have before going on your first bounty hunt...
  • The different ways to organize your bounty hunting business explained... ( do you need a partner? do you need to incorporate? Now you can quickly find out which is best for you )
  • How to pay taxes for your new bounty hunting business ( I've seen so many guys make big bucks hunting, only to get docked by the IRS for skipping out on taxes, now this will never happen to you! )
  • How to get your very first job as a new bounty hunter!
  • How you can use skip tracing to find criminals electronically...
  • The top 5 skip tracing secrets of pro bounty hunters revealed...
  • The one thing you must always be doing as a bounty hunter if you want to be successful...
  • How to market yourself as a bounty hunter to ensure a constant influx of new business...
  • Why having a blog for your bounty hunting business is a MUST, and how to get one without breaking the bank...
  • Powerful business blogging techniques for bounty hunters exposed!
  • How to create a bounty hunting portfolio to attract top quality bail bondsmen to your business...
  • Simple ways to make contact with bail bondsmen in your local area so you can plugin into your local law enforcement scene...
  • How the marketing and advertising secrets used on the internet and in informercials can help you generate huge amounts of bounty hunting business!
  • Easy ways to create a huge contact list of references that will boost your reputation and help you generate more business than you can handle!
  • A simple step by step system you can use to ace interviews for bounty hunting jobs...
  • How to properly use business cards in the bounty hunting industry...
  • How to get the skinny on all the bounty hunting laws in your state, and why you must never break them!
  • The one secret weapon you can use to constantly get the edge in the bounty hunting business...
  • And everything else you need to know to become a successful bounty hunter!

You know, a person could create an entire book with all these secrets... I know, because I did.

It's called... ...Bounty Hunter Cash - Learn To Become A High Profiting Bounty Hunter!

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