Surefire Local Launchpad - PLR Video Series

Surefire Local Launchpad - PLR Video Series
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  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

Learn how to rise above the competition by offering services to local businesses and exploit the opportunities to your advantage.

As you know, day in and day out, local businesses are facing so many different problems as far as trying to get leads, convert leads via their website, and things like that. Now, before they can get to that point, often times, they are unable to do so because there are many roadblocks, such as not having a website that converts, not having a website that is getting good rankings, not having the necessary plugins or platform even to getting to that point.

So, the goal of this video series is to really help you pinpoint the problems that these businesses are facing and thereby offering opportunities that you can use to help them get to that point. And by doing so, you'll be able to use these opportunities and turn them into profitable business models. So, I'm going to help you go along the way, understand how to use free analysis tools that you can use to exploit these opportunities to your advantages but as well as helping them as well. It's going to be a win-win situation for you and for them as well.

What You'll Learn:
Video #1 - Quick Overview
In the first video of this series, you'll be given a bird's eye view of the local launch pad. The ultimate goal here is to help you use free SEO report and analysis tools to get your foot in the door in order to build trust and gain more clients without having to hard-sell anyone. But, of course, what good is getting more clients if you cannot offer them valuable services? We'll also be fully covering that aspect, showing you how to offer specific services to your clients to help them achieve their end goals.

Video #2 - Find Low Hanging Fruit Clients
The term low hanging fruit clients refers to clients who really want your services or what you have to offer. They are people who are willing to go out of their way to possibly even pay more. Essentially, your end goal should be to find these good clients and avoid the bad ones. How can you do that? This video will show you!

Video #3 - Pinpoint Opportunities
Now that you know how to find low hanging fruit clients, how can you take what you've learned and apply it with free tools? In this video, we will pinpoint potential opportunities and possible needs in the market. Once you find a client who needs your services, you'll be better prepared with different ways to close the deal.

Video #4 - Professional Bartering
This brings us to the act of bartering. Some clients are more open to bartering or haggling than simply paying the upfront cost. This, however, isn't the only thing discussed in the video. You'll also learn how to get clients to visit your home in order to create a more personal relationship, and how to get access to high-value services in exchange for the services you offer, all while spending less time and money.

Video #5 - WordPress Conversion
At this point, we are going to dive in and look deeper at the different services you can offer local businesses. Start with the basics; look at a business website and make sure that they are using the correct platform to increase their user friendliness. We'll show you how to collect money as the middleman and make sure that others are doing their jobs correctly.

Video #6 - Template Design Upgrade
Some of your clients may already have a WordPress website. If they do, then you'll want to be sure that they have the correct template design to match their niche. This video will teach you how to find the correct template or, if you prefer, how to find someone who can.

Video #7 - LSI-Friendly Content
Another of many problems that clients face is having content that just doesn't convert. In other words, having content that rarely turns potential leads into customers. In addition, you'll want to make sure that the content is search engine friendly in order to receive better ranking. This video will show you how to get more targeted traffic to your client's site.

Video #8 - WordPress Plugins
Aside from non-converting content, one of the most common problems clients face is not having the correct WordPress plugins to run their website properly. In this video, we'll cover the standard plugins that most websites need, the highest recommended security plugins, plugins to help speed up the site, and plugins to make the site more search engine friendly.

Video #9 - Live Example
Now that we have covered the full blueprint above, it's time to take everything that you've learned and show you a real life example of the system in action. This video will show you how every step works to create an engaging, profitable experience for both you and your client.

Video #10 - Outsourcing The Process
Once you've applied the above lessons once or twice, you'll want to outsource the whole process to a WordPress expert. The question now becomes how you can find experts who will work directly with both you and the client.

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