Insider Secrets to Lightning Fast Online Business Success (PLR)

Insider Secrets to Lightning Fast Online Business Success (PLR)
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  • Download File Size - 2,463Kb
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  • Number of Pages - 123
  • Release Date - 2007
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Product Summary

From blank piece of paper to product launch. Every step explained and demonstrated as it happens (This is a real life case study after all)

  • Sinful Self-Help Discover the reasons why self help and change your mind products work for some but prevent others from reaching their goals. (Note: This is something that no other product out there will tell you, for fear of scaring you, money in their pocket, out of the door. The truth however, is out!
  • Proof it works - I won't just be giving you a bunch of mumbo jumbo and telling you to change your life just like that. I'm going to show you how these controversial attitudes helped me go from broke, to rich in a few short months.
  • Regular tasks so you can see the results, happening to you, in real time! (No waiting) In each section, I'm going to be giving you an entirely optional task. Most are short and will only take a few minutes to complete. They will however give you a completely fresh perspective on your business and the path you need to take to achieve success.
  • The key to learning new skills, quickly and cheaply. If you thought experimenting was the only way, think again. It's expensive, it's time consuming and sometimes it's just downright boring (especially when you just want to see results). Anyone in business would question me for saying this, but you can be lazy, and not waste your time and money in this manor yet still be at the forefront of business developments and innovations. When you know how, it becomes automatic, and you'll never be left behind again.
  • Question - Are the tasks you're carrying out right now taking you any closer to your goals? There's hundreds of marketers out there working their fingers to the bone, aging themselves prematurely and going broke simply because they don't know how to make progress. With these methods, you can forget those 16 hours days, late nights, and promises to family that never transpire. It just ain't that hard.
  • Ever failed at something? Great! If you hadn't I'd be mighty worried. How often do you fail? Every month, every week? Every year maybe. The more the better. Find out why I cheer every single time I fail, and how I can succeed ten times less often than not and still get rich at the same time.
  • You'd be surprised to know that even though you may be learning a new skill so that you can improve now, and have better prospects in the future, that how successful your efforts are actually depend on the past. Strange huh? The quicker you learn to learn properly, the quicker all of your hopes for the future, for you and your family, will become a reality. (Unfortunately it took me over seven years to learn that, on the plus side, with this document, it'll take you a few minutes.
  • What does everyone else think of you? It's nice to know this and of course it matters. No matter who you are, or how rich you are, it allows you to react accordingly. It's easier to strike deals, to approach JV prospects (which represent a good $200,000 worth of sales for me in just a couple of months), it's easier to write and cater to their needs, thus aiming them in the direction of your payment button, and more. In fact, everything becomes easier when you know all the answers already. I'll show you how I do this no matter what market I'm entering or what new challenge I'm taking on.
  • Find out why I always win in the end, and how you can do this too. There's nothing nicer than to be in a situation that you've experienced before, because you know what to expect, and you know you can comfortably handle it and still come out on top. A very handy skill to have in business. Most however choose to ignore this and fumble about in the dark for the rest of their lives. Don't let this be you! This is one of the big avoidance chapters, very important! Don't miss it, or you'll run across these problems when you least expect it!

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