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30 Day Formula Virtual Audio Seminar Series (PLR)

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30 Day Formula Virtual Audio Seminar Series (PLR)
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  • Download File Size - 14,508Kb
  • Audio Format - MP3
  • Listening Requirements - Any MP3 Player
  • Length of Audio - 8 audios
  • Release Date - 2008
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Product Summary

(Listen to Demo Here)

The 30 Day Formula taught beginners like yourself how to make money within just 30 days using only a squeeze page and an auto-responder.

It was a huge success as hundreds of people just like you learned our quick-to-cash money making secrets.

This year we wanted to take it a step further, while still keeping the powerful simplicity of the 30 Day Formula Version 1.0. That is when we decided to go out and find some of the best marketers and speakers in the Internet Marketing industry to teach you how they make money in a pinch.

In fact, each speaker will talk about their own unique ways of driving traffic and making money using squeeze pages, giving you several angles at which to start your business.

Let's take a look at our line-up so far (more speakers may be added as we move through the seminar):

The Man Who Started It All... Tellman Knudson was the one who taught Matthew Glanfield most of what he knows about squeeze pages, so we thought it only appropriate that he be brought on board. Tellman will be spilling his guts on how he has made millions of dollars through list building.

He will be covering:

  • How to get a ton of traffic to your website.
  • How to use squeeze pages to their fullest extent (we learned squeeze pages from this guy).
  • How to pull profits from the list that you build.
  • And more...

Jim Cockrum Our eBay Man... Did you know that in 2006 over 170 billion dollars of transactions were done on the Internet? Did you know that almost 30% of those transactions were on eBay alone?

When somebody searches eBay for something they have their credit card in hand, and Jim is going to show you how this one simple website that gets more daily searches than Google can build your list full of buyers faster than you could ever imagine.

Harris Fellman Top Secret Topics. We don't want to reveal what Harris is talking about quite yet, but let's just say it will help you to get even more traffic to your website. That's all we'll say for now...

Bob "the Teacher" Jenkins The Affiliate Marketing Teacher Himself... Bob "the Teacher" Jenkins will be teaching us all about how to pull more profits from affiliate marketing (i.e. making money with other people's products).

Bob has been one of Matthew's top affiliates for the past year, which is why he was invited to speak with us in our Virtual Seminar.

Martin Salter Affiliate Marketing Guru #2...We have been working with Martin for over a year now and have been very impressed by the knowledge he brings to the table. Martin is quite the expert at figuring out how to build systems that sell other people's stuff, and has contributed quite nicely (thanks Martin!) to our affiliate programs.

Derrick Van Dyke The Man Behind Affiliate Cash Secrets... As soon as we determined to do this I insisted that we get Derrick on board as he has helped us to make tens of thousands of dollars. Derrick has been teaching his Affiliate Cash Secrets system for quite some time and with some great successes, so now we've asked him to pass that knowledge on to you.

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