Email List Secrets [Videos & eBook]

Email List Secrets [Videos & eBook]
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Product Summary

Email has the ability to influence & impact your audience in ways that no other form of marketing can. Learn how to utilize it in the right way.

The true power of email marketing is not that it allows you to message your audience directly, or that it allows you to bypass Facebook or Twitter. These are big positives of course but they are not the thing that gives email marketing the edge over other similar forms of marketing.

Rather, what really makes email marketing impactful, is the fact that it is so much more personal and that it involves so much more trust. Getting someone to follow you on Twitter is easy. All they need to do is click a button and if they want to unfollow you, that's easy too.

But getting someone to give you their email address is considerably more difficult. The reason for this is that an email address is much more personal. This is where we talk to friends and relatives and it is something we always have access to. If you receive a new email, it will normally result in a notification that alerts you to something new in your inbox.

Many of us already feel that we're inundated with spam and can even feel stressed if we get an email because of it. So, if your followers have agreed to give you their email address, then that is a massive sign of trust. And when they receive that message, it completely changes the dynamic. They now feel as though you are talking to them and they feel that they have got much more privileged access to whatever you are doing.

Really, it is only true fans that will hand over their email and that means that you now have the most engaged kind of audience possible that you can speak to directly.

This gives you the ability to sell to people who you know trust in what you're doing and that alone is going to result in a high number of conversions. Seeing as it's so cheap and easy to write an email and the conversion rate is likely to be so high, it's not really any surprise to see that the ROI of email marketing is so amazing.

What You'll Learn
  • An Introduction To Email Marketing
  • Top Reasons You Need to Invest in Email Marketing
  • Autoresponder Comparison and Review
  • What is an Autoresponder?
  • Top Tools for Creating Landing Pages
  • Do You Really Need a Landing Page Tool?
  • Opt-In Landing Page Tactics
  • Two More Techniques - Incentives and Pressure
  • Getting People to Your Landing Page
  • How To Write Effective Email Copy That Works
  • Subscriber Relationship Building
  • Understanding the Value of Your List
  • How to Build Real Relationships
  • Things Not to Do With The LIst
  • Autoresponder Sequence Power
  • Why an Autoresponder Sequence is a Good Strategy
  • Some Things to Consider
  • How to Write the Perfect Autoresponder Sequence
  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Opt-in Landing Page
  • PPC, Blogging, Solo Ads and Ad Swaps
  • List Monetization Tactics
  • PLR, Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Digital/Physical Products
  • Targeting by Demographics
  • How to Segment Your Audience
  • The Way to Think About Your Subscribers and Leads
  • Getting Inboxed - Guide to Email Deliverability
  • How to Avoid the Spam Folder
  • Email Sender Reputation
  • How to Improve Your Sender Score
  • Getting Into the Main Inbox
  • Email List Maintenance
  • Top Ways to Maintain Email Hygiene
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Discover how you can build a thriving email list and make changes for the better so that you can make a splash.

Something that a lot of eBooks and blogs don't touch on is just how much data you get when you use email marketing, or how flexibly you can use that data. With email marketing, you'll be able to sort your contacts into categories, so that you can choose to target only the right kind of recipient with your messages. That might mean that you send messages only to people of a certain age, a certain gender or in a certain location - and this can drastically increase your conversion rates.

What's more though, is that email marketing allows you to monitor engagement. You can use cookies in order to see which of your subscribers are actually reading the messages you're sending and which aren't. You can also see which of your subscribers are visiting your site and even whether or not some of them might have looked at your products.

All this means you can see which leads are cool, warm and ‘hot' and in turn, that means you'll be able to try and convert only the right recipients that are likely to be tempted and not likely to be frustrated at your contact.

On top of that, seeing this kind of information can help you to design better campaigns - by seeing which types of message get opened the most and which types of recipients are more receptive to your message (so that you can try and get more like them). In short, email marketing gives you control over numerous very important metrics which allows you to target precisely the right people at precisely the right times.

When you combine all these different factors, you have a method of marketing that is simply unparalleled. Many marketers and business owners will put it off as it seems like a lot of work but in reality, once it is set up and you understand how it works, it couldn't be simpler. And the payoff is enormous...

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you why email marketing absolutely must be a part of your marketing strategy and how to take advantage of it in a massive way.


Reseller Tools

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Reseller Tools - Video

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  • Other Included Pages - Affiliate Toolbox Page, Autoresponder Series, Free Giveaway Report
  • Notable Reseller Extras - Keywords, Social Media Swipes, Audio Files (Mp3), Feature Images

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