Niche Marketing Made Easy - Video Workshop

Niche Marketing Made Easy - Video Workshop
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Product Summary

How Would You Like To Look Over My Shoulder And Learn These Steps Leading You To Your Own Niche Empire?
Follow Liz Tomey as she takes us through this workshop with a detailed step-by-step approach as she leads you through these steps in selecting a niche through to completion.

Here's exactly what you will find inside the Niche Marketing Made Easy Workshop...

Component #1 - Niche Marketing Made Easy Video Course

This workshop will teach you everything you will absolutely need to know to be able to build your own profitable Niche Empire using these easy steps...

Step 1 : Finding A Profitable Niche

Have a problem picking a niche? Watch as Liz utilizes free tools to pick profitable niches in less than 10 minutes!

Choosing a poor niche or a rich niche - requires investing the same amount of marketing effort to get it off the ground... so choose wisely!

In this step you'll...

  • Be able to create your own checklist for making money with niche marketing
  • Streamline your approach to finding a niche
  • Learn and use techniques and tools that really work
  • Learn how to find profitable sub niches to expand your Niche Empire

Step 2: Find the Demand

Once you have selected a niche, watch what is involved in the steps to determine the demand by...

  • performing keyword research
  • ask people exactly what they want
  • utilizing forums, Yahoo Answers, conduct a poll
  • Learn and use proven key steps to finding keywords that will help you rank higher
  • Learn what alternative methods can be used to find the right demand for your product
  • Learn how to put yourself in a buyers shoes and what they are looking for

Step 3: Fulfill the Demand - Create a Product

Now that we know the demands of the niche, you can give it to them. Watch as you will learn how to create killer information products that the people in your niche will want and be willing to give up their name and email address to get!

In this step you'll...

  • Learn what type of product is best for your market
  • Learn how and when to 'outsource' portions of your product
  • Learn how to research what competitors are doing

Step 4: Create a Marketing System to Move the Product

Ok, you have selected the niche you want to be in and you have created a product that you know your niche is in need of; we next need to develop a page to get it to them.

Watch the process of developing a website that people can visit and either buy a product(s) or become subscribers to your list so you can sell them other niche-related products via the autoresponder system.

In this step you'll...

  • Learn what is required to build a website that people will want to visit and buy from
  • Learn what is involved to translate a sales page into your own sales page and / or squeeze page
  • Follow the step-by-step process of setting up download, OTO pages

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat to Build That Niche Empire! This step is definitely the key to building a killer online income!

Find out whether you should:

  • Create a series of products for one niche
  • Create a lot of products for different niches


Component #2 - Product Empire Diagram

Have you ever got lost and wish you had a decent roadmap to guide you to your end goal? The answer is very likely "of course". OK, you have embarked on learning how to build your very own Niche Empire, but how do you get there?

Well fortunately this course includes some diagrams on the path to follow in starting with your niche squeeze page flowing into the autoresponder with guidelines as to what your follow-up emails should contain as to resell vs. gaining confidence of your subscriber, and so much more!

Component #3 -  Niche Marketing Made Easy Checklist

A lot of people are never exactly sure how to enter into a niche let alone how to build a Niche Empire. There are a number of important things and steps to go through to achieve your goal of making a profitable income.

And there is also always the danger of spending costly time on some phase of creating a niche site only to find out that a little pre-planning would have said there were certain steps that should have been accomplished first!

We have included a 5-step checklist to use as your guide to accomplish the right step in the right order!

Component #4 - Niche Marketing Made Easy - Hottest Niche List

When deciding on what product or service you will promote in a niche market your decision should be based on one simple principle...

There should be a demand for the product or service!

Researching to find the profitable niche can involve a good deal of time and effort. You need to make sure you focus your energy on finding products that people are really looking for such as...

  • Things they actually need
  • How to make their lives better
  • How to make them feel better
  • Ways of looking better physically
  • Stuff that helping them solve a problem

Can you even imagine the time and effort you could save if you had a list of carefully analyzed niches to work with? Well, we have included over 100 HOT-NICHES to save you a ton of time in your niche research!

Niche Marketing Made Easy delves on an over-the-shoulder look at what needs be done and how to do achieve a Niche Empire. In addition, we have included a list of some additional resources that you need to investigate to help you achieve your profitable niche business.

Reseller Tools

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  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - None
  • Notable Reseller Extras - PSD Graphics (source), Keywords List

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  • May Modify Product - Yes
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