Social Media Authority - Video & eBook

Social Media Authority - Video & eBook
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  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

Learn how to dominate the industry and build up your social media authority across the most popular social media platforms.

When it comes to social media there are no new fancy tricks to learn, social media is all about engendering interaction. Using social media is about compelling people consistently to engage with you and then share your content. This is the main purpose of social media and it applies across every network. There is no secret formula necessary in order to become a social media success story, all you need is compelling human interaction.

As mentioned time and time again, social media is all about interaction. Even if you are setting up automation it is still important to make sure that you stay involved. It will be quite easy to just let things go once you have set up posts and tweets for automation.

It is not really complicated. The key to social media is being social. By pure definition, social media should be a two way street. If someone is commenting on your posts, take the time to comment back. You should be having conversations with the people who are following you.

Social media is here to stay and if you are going to establish any type of presence online you are going to need to be established on each of the main social media sites. Many social media enthusiasts are simply obsessed with the number of followers or likes that they get on their posts as much as they are with the amount of traffic their website or blog receives. In reality, these numbers do not have much to do with the true metrics of being successful.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction: Building Your Social Media Authority
  • What Many People Mistake About Social Media
  • Knowing What To Post
  • What is the Point of Social Media?
  • Building Your Social Media Profiles
  • Establish Yourself or Your Business on Facebook
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Page
  • Identifying Your Audience
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • Facebook Ads To Grow Your Following
  • Measure, Test And Track
  • Get Your Twitter Handle
  • Branding Yourself - Techniques for Branding
  • Become Known as a Resource or Expert
  • Establish a Marketing Plan
  • Suit Up For LinkedIn - Getting Started On LinkedIn
  • Update Contact Information - Creating Connections
  • The Big G - Authority On Google+
  • Creating a Google+ New Page - Adding Content
  • How Google+ is Different
  • YouTube Authority - Boost Your Credibility Instantly
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Types of Video and Length
  • Be Yourself - Uploading Your Videos
  • Instagram & Pinterest for Picture Lovers
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
  • Instagram - Setting Up Your Account
  • Getting Followers and Boosting Engagement
  • Maintaining Your Social Media Profiles
  • Social Media Scheduling and Automating
  • Work Smarter Not Harder
  • Steps for Automating Social Media
  • Choosing Your Automation Tools
  • Finding an Ideal Posting Schedule
  • Have a System for Staying Involved
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Now you can get instant access to 10 latest video tutorials showing you top social media marketing tactics.

Many people end up wasting a lot of energy on social media. They will try to drive their readers and consumers to their social media profiles, which is the opposite of what you want. The ultimate goal of a social media profile is to drive people from them to your website or blog and not the other way around.

Social media profiles should be used as outposts for attracting people to your website or blog. Your website or blog should not focus on sending individuals to the outposts. Social media profiles need to stand solidly on their own.

As mentioned before, and as will be discussed in further detail in later chapters, the best way to build your social media profile is to create compelling content on a consistent basis. However, this is not going to build an audience. If no one is reading the content that you write then no one is going to be sharing them ...

To get the best leverage through social media you will need to get to the point where the number of followers that you have is enough to provide you with growth through sharing. Getting to this point is easier said than done. Directing people from your email list to your social media sites is important. Beyond this you will need to tap into the current social media networks in order to get new subscribers and followers ...

Download and start playing these videos tutorials right from the comfort of your home!


Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - Opt-in, Checklist, Cheat Sheet, Mindmap
  • Notable Reseller Extras - Graphics, Emails, Articles, Social media images

Reseller Tools - Video

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes (upsell page)
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - Autoresponder Series, Special Report, Affiliate Toolbox, Presentation
  • Notable Reseller Extras - Social Media Swipe, Forum+Blog List, Keywords, Feature Images

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