TikTok Marketing [Videos & eBook]

TikTok Marketing [Videos & eBook]
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Product Summary

Discover how you can create a winning presence on TikTok and use this growing platform to market your business successfully.

So how did TikTok grow so quickly? The platform has really taken a lot of people by surprise with its significant growth in such a short space of time. You can now find comedians doing stand up, lots of prank videos, dancing videos, skateboarding videos, fashion and beauty videos and a lot more. People with all kinds of talents are now uploading videos to TikTok. And now there are people uploading videos showing them using their favorite products.

Not all of the TikTok users create and upload videos of course. This is the same with YouTube and Instagram. A lot of users are just looking for entertaining content to make them happy. TikTok appeals to a younger demographic and you really need to speak their language to be successful...

Scarcity is always a good marketing tactic and this certainly applies to TikTok. You want to encourage engagement and participation and having a time constraint will push users to get involved. If you don't use some form of scarcity then people will put off their participation and probably never end up getting around to it. So if you want to create a challenge put a time limit on it. When a TikTok user knows that they only have a few days to participate it will force them to make a decision.

It is very important that you use the right hashtags with your TikTok posts. You can add them to a video post, an independent post or on the section for comments. If you want to categorize some of your content on TikTok then you need to use the right hashtags. You can also use hashtags when you want your audience to know that the video post you are publishing is related to some of your previous posts. If you want to highlight a trending event then you need to use hashtags...

Use engagement with your brand as a good way for your audience to receive likes and shares from their communities. When you get this right you will experience a lot of success with your marketing on TikTok. More and more businesses are starting to realize the power of the TikTok platform but as things stand it is not saturated with marketing. This means that it is an ideal time for you to get started and establish yourself on TikTok while there is less competition.

What You'll Learn
  • What Is TikTok & Why Should You Care
  • Getting Started With TikTok
  • Content Marketing On TikTok
  • Creting Content For TikTok
  • TikTok Hashtags & More
  • How To Use Influencers
  • Marketing Strategies For TikTok
  • Building A Community
  • All About TikTok Ads
  • TikTok Success Stories
  • TikTok Analytics
  • Need For A Pro Account
  • Best Practices For TikTok
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Being successful on TikTok is all about catching the attention of its user base.

TikTok users are looking for fun and entertaining content. Brands and organizations that have used the platform successfully for marketing know this and have posted creative videos that get the users involved in their brand in a fun way. If you want to succeed with TikTok marketing you must do the same. You need to decide on the tone that you want for your brand and then create short videos that resonate with this. Do you want to be funny, political, controversial or positive? When you create a good community vibe on TikTok other users will be clamoring to join in...

We would always recommend authenticity with your marketing for any social channel but it is particularly important with TikTok as it is so new and pure. The platform is not saturated yet with brands yet like Instagram and others are. You always need to be authentic on TikTok or else the community will shun you. Don't be sales orientated and try to push users to purchase your products and services. Instead you need to push community and creativity.

You need to find out who the best influencers are on TikTok and take a look at how they have become so successful. It is important that you learn from these influencers because they know what they are doing and how to get the best out of the platform. Look at the trends that influencers ride on and the hashtags that they use. Take a look at the posts that the influencers make and note the hashtags they use for the most successful posts...

All of these metrics are useful to you and can be a big help to develop your TikTok content strategy. You can identify useful patters with your profile overview metrics. You can use it to determine the time it takes users from first consuming your content to viewing your profile and becoming a follower. You need to be committed to marketing on TikTok. Don't make the mistake of posting a lot of videos at once and then do nothing for a long time. The users will just forget about you. Get organized and create a content marketing schedule for TikTok and stick to it.

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you how you can achieve success promoting your business on the rapidly growing platform of TikTok.


Reseller Tools

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes
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  • Other Included Pages - Opt-in Page, Video Sales Page, Resource Report, Cheat Sheet, Mindmap
  • Notable Reseller Extras - Checklist, Graphics, Social Media Images, Banners, Articles, Email Swipes

Reseller Tools - Video

  • Includes Sales Page - Yes (upsell page)
  • Includes Download Page - Yes
  • Other Included Pages - Video Upsell Page, Legal Pages, Affiliate Page
  • Notable Reseller Extras - Giveaway Report, Promotional Emails, Mp3 Audio Files

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