Twitter Tycoon - Master Training Bundle

Twitter Tycoon - Master Training Bundle
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  • Number of Videos - 10
  • Release Date - 2009
  • Suggested Retail Price - $97.00

Product Summary

Are you looking for a way to finally get some decent website traffic, but getting sick and tired of SEO theory, costly PPC ads and endless fads?

Have you nearly given up on trying to scrape a handful of visitors to your site each day, and blowing your profits down the drain at the same time?

Then what I'm about to share with you is going to be a huge breath of fresh air and relief.

And here's why...

Over the years, I've dabbled with pretty much every method for generating traffic. I'm not here to say that nothing out there works but let's face it, most of it is just too much hard work isn't it?

After all, which of the following have already failed you...?

Jeez, how fun. If you're into spending evenings away from your friends and family staring at weird bits of code on a webpage, or trying to persuade someone to link to your site out of pure good nature, then good luck to you.

The sad reality is, even if you spend thousands on SEO experts or sacrifice all of your precious time tweaking your site to be "SEO friendly", there's still ZERO guarantee that you'll get any traffic (or that the traffic will make you any money!)

Then there's...

Don't get me wrong, PPC is a pretty cool way to drive traffic but it takes a lot of upfront money to find out what works…and that's something the "gurus" don't tell you in their guides isn't it?

PPC is great when you're already storming an online empire, but when you're just starting out with a new project then it's a lions den…and not only will it cost you money, but lots of time learning the ropes too.

And then there's...

Article Marketing
This is a real beginner's favorite…but the funny thing is, you don't see many beginners getting rich off article marketing do you?

And if you do, it's either because they crunched their fingers (and their sanity) to dust, slaving over that keyboard for years...

…or they paid someone to do the back breaking work for them.

Either way, article marketing is a neat PART of traffic generation, but it's a constant battle of blood, sweat and tears to keep the traffic flowing daily (if at all).

And then we have...

Forum Marketing

Again, this is great for a dribble of new clients and buyers every now and again, but you better build a solid reputation in all those forums before you expect anyone to come to your website off the strength of a single forum post.

And even with a solid reputation in one single subject, you can't do this for every product and market you work in, can you?

Listen, these methods are all "ok"…but they don't really produce the results you have in mind do they? Certainly not for cheap or for free, that's for sure.

Nope, what we're looking for is HUNDREDS of targeted buyers coming to our websites each day, right?

Because let's face it...

You can't make lots of money without lots of traffic!

And because most solutions are either gimmicks, or they require extreme levels of dedication and money to make them work effectively…

…it's no wonder you've been struggling to make serious cash online.

Heck, you may have even spent thousands on software, eBooks, tools and hiring staff, with more holes in your profits than a colander.

But surely there's a better way to get traffic these days?

Twitter Tycoon was created to teach the regular frustrated newbie how to use social media to drive traffic on a life changing scale.

Forget dribbles of PPC or forum traffic, forget slaving over articles all day and night...

So many newcomers struggle over all the hurdles of online marketing, and I'm sick and tired of seeing good people's dreams suffer at the hands of weak traffic theories that cost too much, or eat up all your time and energy.

Because it doesn't have to be that way...

And as soon as you start to get more traffic, making money online becomes virtually bullet proof...

But because traffic is so hard to get, it's also the one hurdle that usually knocks you flat on your ass too, right?

Twitter Tycoon will show you how to get constant, EVER-GROWING traffic to any link on DEMAND...

And that means...

  • You can run a hands free business (no more constant tweaking or head scratching)
  • You will save time and money (no more spewing out ad costs, trying to figure new techniques out alone or hiring experts)
  • No more frustration (finally enjoy passive daily income without the backbreaking, confusing junk holding you back)

See above screenshots for proof of staggering growth

Inside Twitter Tycoon, you'll Get...


In-Depth training videos  - Taking you step by step through the entire process of setting up a Twitter account and implementing all those dirty, but safe, little secret tools that will increase the growth of your Twitter account (and traffic) in record time.

  • Discover the fundamentals you need to know about a Twitter account before you ever decide to start one!
  • Peek over my shoulder as I show you how to set up a Twitter account the RIGHT way.
  • Find out how I put all my Twitter account marketing on complete automation and how you can too!
  • There are secret tools that nobody wants you to know about. I'm going to spill the beans on all the dirty little secret tools that I use to fatten both my Twitter and Bank account.
  • Discover how to become a Twitter Leech and instantly gain followers from the very first few minutes!
  • Learn how to use successful Tweet communication so that you don't come forth as a spammer or irritating Twerson.
  • Ever heard of a Twitter Game Plan? I'll show you everything's that?
  • Discover how to CONVERT Twitter eyes into MONEY with my Super Duper "technology" hack.
  • Discover my ULTIMATE source of content. I'm talking about the hottest topics at the moment that you can talk about which will make you stand out from the rest of the boring Twitter crowd!
  • ...and much more!

Step-by-step action plans in pdf format available for immediate download

Unlike other programs and software, you won't be left high and dry with us. I want you to succeed, and step by step plans will help you do just that, by removing the guesswork and frustration that most guides put you through.

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