Polarity Therapy (PDF)
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Product Summary

Learn about the power of polarity therapy and discover how re-polarizing your body can heal you for good.

A Blending of modernistic science and complementary medicine, polarity therapy is a comprehensive health scheme regarding energy-based bodywork, diet, physical exercise and self-awareness.

Scientifically, it works with the human energy field, electromagnetic patterns conveyed in mental, emotional and physical experience ...

In the healing arts, polarity therapy is peculiar in its comprehensive exploration of the different attributes of the human circumstance (physical, mental and emotional). It seeks to span the full spectrum of body, mind and spirit: the body is configured by nature to cure itself.

Polarity therapy helps in that natural occurrence. Implementing the polarity therapy system of rules may take diverse forms, constantly based on the fundamental intention to support the client's built-in self-healing intelligence as conveyed in its energetic blueprints ...

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What Is Polarity Therapy
  • Chapter 2: Polarity In Food For Health
  • Chapter 3: Dealing With Stress Reduction For Healing
  • Chapter 4: Polarity Therapy And Touch
  • Chapter 5: The Contact Point Relationships
  • Chapter 6: Polarity Stretching Exercises
  • Chapter 7: Wrapping Up
  • And Much More!


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