How to Lose 10 Pounds Naturally - eBook and Audio (PLR)

How to Lose 10 Pounds Naturally - eBook and Audio (PLR)
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  • Release Date - 2010
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Product Summary

Are you ready to drop those extra pounds you've been carrying around?

Awesome. Let's start off with a couple positive don'ts. You don't need to jump on a diet craze and you don't need to start exercising for hours each day.

Just ask your physician. It's not about dieting, it's about reshaping your lifestyle.

If you want to start losing weight, just slightly tweak the habits you already have. Eat, but eat different. Don't sit when you can stand. They are little things, but...'s the little things that make up the extra inches around your waist line!

Give me 15 to 20 minutes and I'll show you how to get results you can measure... by your waistline!

If you've got 15 minutes, you've got time. "How to Lose 10 Pounds Naturally" is a must have report that outlines 'everyday ways' to maintain a healthier lifestyle for people on the go. It is designed to be quick and efficient.

Can you drink a glass of water every morning? Then you've just accomplished the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Easy and simple.

You gradually and consistently add more slight alterations to your lifestyle, and in just a couple of weeks you'll start noticing results.

You're about to discover:

  • Why it's so much harder to keep the weight off now than ever before
  • How to use the effects of water to help you lose pounds
  • The 2 most important concepts for losing weight and keeping it off
  • Why drinking plenty of water is so important
  • Which popular fruits will fill you up without adding too many calories. Not all fruits are created equal
  • Which drinks you should stay away from - it's not just soda pop
  • What not to do with your vegetables before you eat them
  • Why fiber is so important and why you need to eat more of it
  • Which vegetables to avoid and which vegetables to savor
  • What vegetable you should be eating every day
  • How to control your sweet tooth
  • Which fruit juices are acceptable and which are not
  • Which butters are preferred when trying to lose weight
  • The truth about canned fruit
  • Why setting meal times and sticking to them is so important
  • Why skipping meals can actually make you fall a step behind when trying to lose weight
  • How many times a day you should be eating
  • Why eating diversely can help you stick to your diet and keep you from getting sick
  • The best time to eat breakfast and why
  • The truth about carbohydrates in your diet
  • The importance of protein in your daily eating plan
  • That you do not need to cut out fats
  • What a non-stick frying pan can do for your weight loss plan
  • The benefits of fresh parsley
  • Why you should chew your food 8-12 times before swallowing
  • Two advantages to exercising outdoors
  • 3 everyday secrets to help you burn calories while at work or play
  • How to fight the urge to become a couch potato
  • How to use stairs to your advantage
  • What meats are preferable when trying to lose weight
  • How punching your pillow can help you lose weight
  • What to do with high tech gadgets such as remotes and cell phones to help you burn calories.
  • Why body massages can be a great tool for losing weight
  • How good posture can help you burn more calories each day
  • The value of high fiber multigrain breads
  • How you can use the concept of "grazing" to actually eat more meals a day and still lose weight
  • Why smoking can negatively effect your weight loss plan
  • What TV commercials are good for
  • What role salt has in obesity
  • 2 great stress relieving and calorie burning activities that you will always have time for
  • When "cheat food" is acceptable
  • And more . . .


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