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Functional Fitness [eBook]

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Functional Fitness [eBook]
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  • Number of Pages - 79
  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Whether you're hunting for a better body or more strength, functional fitness can contribute a lot to aid you down that road.

Being fit is only an extra benefit to yourself. That said, your exercises shouldn't interrupt your schedule, but rather flow inside of it. Once it becomes a problem to find time for your workout, a red flag should signal in your mind. Here are some tips to keep in mind when crafting a workout routine that works for you.

When you start out, keep all of your moves minimalistic. Nothing too extravagant that'll pull your muscles before you've even used them. No weights in the beginning. They will strain your muscles far too quickly. Once you're used to the burn from simpler workouts, you can apply small two or three pound weights. Never start out big, as it's unhealthy, unrealistic and impractical...

If you're baffled, bear through for there is an explanation. Yes, it's true that functional fitness basically tries to cover all generic movements, reinforce your stamina, strength, and range of motion yet still, what about those people who can perform daily tasks and nothing more?

Functional fitness in its most basic to most intense form will always remain a low impact workout. It means beginners can commence at an easy pace without the exhausting themselves. On the other hand, those who already have it implemented in their schedule will easily be able to pick up their pace without leaving their comfort zone...

Some great results from functional fitness are heightened strength in your joints and limbs, greater resistance against physical impacts and a better posture. That's right, with all the work you're inputting to your joints and limbs, your posture will be heavily impacted. A straighter back, a courageous lift underneath your chin and strong shoulders all come from 15 minutes of functional fitness every day. Isn't that something worth working for?

What You'll Learn
  • What is Functional Fitness
  • Functional Fitness Defined
  • Complimenting Functional Fitness with Lifestyle
  • Is Functional Fitness Right For You
  • Benefits of Functional Fitness
  • Easier Movements
  • Stronger Support and Immune System
  • Looking Better, Feeling Better
  • Functional Fitness and Other Exercises
  • Bodybuilding, Weight Training, Group Training
  • Common Mistakes with Functional Fitness
  • An Everyday Routine - Love What You Do
  • Dieting & Rolling with No Goals
  • The First Component of Functional Fitness
  • What is Power & What is Strength
  • Power in your Daily Life & Power Moves
  • The Second Component of Functional Fitness
  • Strength in your Daily Life & Strength Moves
  • The Third Component of Functional Fitness
  • What is Range of Motion
  • Range of Motion in your Daily Life
  • Range of Motion Moves
  • The Fourth Component of Functional Fitness
  • What is Balance and Endurance
  • Balance & Endurance in your Daily Life
  • Balance and Endurance Moves
  • And Much More!


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