Supercharge Your Body [eBook]

Supercharge Your Body [eBook]
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  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Discover the various measures that you can implement today to strengthen your immune system and supercharge your body.

The role of our immune system is to protect us from any foreign substance that could harm the body. These foreign substances are also known as antigens. Antigens include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When those organisms are found in the body, they trigger the immune system, which, in return, try to destroy the antigen with various mechanisms.

It is our understanding that many illnesses are now related to the health of our immune system. The immune system seems to be linked to so many aspects of our life. The food we eat, the quality of our sleep, and the level of stress are all things that are within our control to supercharge our body.

In the following guide, we will provide you various steps that you can implement today to strengthen your immunity. We will explore the basics of our immune system, then discuss the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and identify the foods you can add to your meal that will help you avoid sickness.

We will then provide you with recommendations to manage your stress and increase your exercises while removing the toxins in your body. This guide will conclude with concrete medicines, recipes, and a plan that can help you put all that you've learned into practice.

It is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our physical and mental health. In the next chapters, we will dive into the subject of what you can do to improve your immune system. We will look at what foods you can eat, and the changes you can make in your day to help with mental health. You will receive a 21-day plan you can implement to help you be more successful with that healthy lifestyle.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction
  • The Basics Of Your Immune System
  • Innate Immune System
  • Adaptive Immune System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Healthy Lifestyle And What To Avoid
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Food To Heal
  • Meat And Alternatives
  • Supplements For Support
  • Managing Stress In Your Life
  • Adopt A Positive Attitude
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Exercising And Detoxifying
  • Stretch For Relaxation
  • Yoga For The Immune System
  • Detoxifying The Body
  • Sleep And Renewing The Body
  • Essential Oils
  • 21-Day Plan
  • Preparation For The 21 Days
  • Detoxifying The Body
  • Calming The Mind
  • Integrating Meals
  • Recipes To Boost Your Immunity
  • And Much More!


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