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Running Riot

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Running Riot
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  • Number of Pages - 45
  • Release Date - 2014
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Product Summary

How to easily incorporate running into your life, and what you need for quick and effective results with it for weight loss.

There is absolutely no doubt that running is one of the best forms of exercise on this planet. Human beings just like most animals have the capability to run. We were made to do so. Our forefathers ran to hunt for food. They ran to escape predators. Running was a necessity for survival.

As time passed and technology got more advanced, we had less need to run. Yet, we do it without even realising it. Have you ever run after your toddler when he or she was running towards the street? Maybe you needed to catch the bus and you saw it at the bus stop while you were a distance away. What did you do? Run for it, of course. Late for work and you need to clock in? Start running. You run because you have evolved to. Your body is designed to run and burn calories faster than most of the other forms of exercise out there.

Swimming, cycling, rowing, skipping, resistance training, etc. are all excellent ways of burning your fat off. Yet, none burn as many calories as a fast run. Running is a weight loss solution, bar none. This book will tell you everything you need to know to run fast and effectively burn off the stubborn fat on your body. Follow the advice and tips closely.

There is hardly any fluff in this guide. Everything is explained in an easy to understand manner and you're only given the important information that you need to know. This book will give you a running start to achieve your weight loss goals.

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Why Should I Run?
  • Chapter 2 - Setting Running Goals
  • Chapter 3 - Should I Count My Calories?
  • Chapter 4 - What You Need To Know Before Getting Started
  • Chapter 5 - 11 Common Running Mistakes
  • Chapter 7 - How Do I Lose Weight By Running?
  • Chapter 8 - Dealing with Injuries
  • Chapter 9 - Finding Motivation
  • And Much More!


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