Breaking Bad Habits [Videos & eBook]

Breaking Bad Habits [Videos & eBook]
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Product Summary

Discover how to identify your bad habits, decide on new good habits and make the important changes in your life.

As we continue our journey through life we make decisions all of the time. Most of these will be small decisions that we make without any thought but some of the decisions that we make can dramatically change the course of our life. Sometimes these decisions have a positive impact on our lives and sometimes a negative one. These small decisions that we make on a regular basis can quickly form habits. We are creatures of routine and before you know it a new habit can form that takes us down the wrong road. Over the years you will have formed many habits both good and bad...

A lot of people form bad habits to escape from reality. An example of this is to spend a lot of time on social media rather than doing other things that you know you should be doing. Watching meaningless television is another example. Another example is comfort eating. When some people get stressed out they reach for a large bag of chips or a candy bar for comfort. They know that eating these things are bad for them but it helps them to relax and relieve the pressure of the stress. Before they know it this becomes a bad habit and they are piling on the pounds!

Some bad habits are worse than others. What might seem a harmless habit initially can escalate into negative behavior such as constantly lying and leading a life of deceit. People can become so embroiled in these habits that cannot see how this is harming their life and preventing them from getting what they want...

Time is a very precious resource and you can never get it back. Do you have any bad habits that lead you to waste a lot of your time? How about those hours that you spend on Facebook every day? Or that habit of perfectionism that you have which makes you go over things again and again until you believe that they are perfect? A lot of people take time for granted. There is always tomorrow or next week right? Well hopefully that is true. But think about how much time you are currently wasting with bad habits. What else could you do with that precious time?

What You'll Learn
  • Why You Need To Break Bad Habits
  • Developing Bad Habits To Escape From Reality
  • Bad Habits And Stressful Life
  • Identifying Your Bad (And Good) Habits
  • An effective Way To Identify Bad Habits
  • How Habits Actually Work
  • Habit Formation And Breaking Bad Habits
  • Forming New Habits Using The 3Rs
  • Change Life For Better With Power Of Habits
  • Planning Your Successful Habit Transition
  • Associating Desired Behaviors
  • New Habit Reinforcement
  • Empowering Habits You Should Live By
  • Habits - Best Practices
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

It is a great feeling to change something that has been holding you back for a long time.

Humans are social by nature but some bad habits can prevent you from forming the relationships that you really want. At the extreme end of the scale are addictions such as alcohol and drugs. These can seriously impact your career and personal relationships. If you have a negativity habit and are always complaining about everything then this will drive a lot of people away that could be good friends and help you in your life. People tend to be much more attracted to positive people. Negative people only seem to attract other negative people which never moves them forward...

Having a few bad habits can seriously limit you when it comes to achieving worthwhile goals in your life. A lot of people hit the bars on a Friday night with their friends and get pretty drunk. It doesn’t matter what age you are the effects of alcohol will leave their mark. The next day you will feel lethargic and not want to do much at all.

If you want to break your bad habits then you need to know what they are. You may think that this is obvious but it isn’t always. You can’t change something if you are not aware of it so in this chapter we will show you how to identify your bad habits, and your good ones, so that you can move forward. One of the most important things that you need to do is to accept that you have some bad habits. Some people find this difficult to accept for a variety of reasons but you must do it or you will not get the most from this guide.

People often do things habitually that they do not realize are bad. Sitting in front of the TV every night might not seem like a bad thing to do but human beings were designed to be active and move around a lot. Some of your bad habits are going to be pretty easy to break because they don’t mean that much to you. Others are going to be a lot tougher to break but when you use the techniques revealed in this guide then you will be able to break them for sure...

Get these 12 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll provide you with compelling reasons why you need to change your habits and give you all of the tools that you need to do this in the most effective way.


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