Hypnotherapy Superpack

Hypnotherapy Superpack
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  • Release Date - 2013
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Product Summary

All About Self Guided Hypnotherapy:

The premise behind self guided hypnosis is that it is possible through suggestive techniques to change how the subconscious mind manifests itself in conscious thought. Our minds are our greatest asset - or can be our biggest problem. Everything we do is the result of what our brain tells us - and for most people their lives are a constant tug of war between their conscious and subconscious thoughts.

As researchers strive to understand how the human mind works, the psychiatric community is learning more and more about the power of hypnosis and the two layers of the human mind. The subconscious mind is a complicated series of memories, emotions and beliefs - and plays a key role in how a person's personality develops. The key to self guided hypnosis is to reprogram those elements in a matter that you consciously choose. For example - if you want to feel a more permanent sense of happiness - it is quite possible to reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on happiness - after all - what is happiness and where does it come from if not from the mind of the person who either feels happy or unhappy?

Self Guided hypnotherapy in most cases involves the use of recorded sound tracks listened to through headphones. Typically there are three stages of the hypnotic process. The first stage is to relax the body through controlled breathing and a conscious effort to relax the muscles which in turn allows the brain to slow its thought processing allowing it to be open to suggestion. The second stage is to use autosuggestion to program both the conscious and subconscious mind ...

Included Hypnotherapy Courses:

  • Abolish Alcohol
  • Get Rid of Procrastination
  • Squash Smoking
  • Higher Power Meditation
  • Potential Meditation
  • Quiet Mind Meditation
  • Serenity Meditation
  • Superb Spirituality
  • Live The Last Day
  • Universe Unity
  • Creativity Unleashed
  • Unlimited Happiness
  • And Much More!


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