Peaceful Chaos [Videos & eBook]

Peaceful Chaos [Videos & eBook]
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  • Number of Videos - 10
  • eBook Format - PDF
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  • Number of Pages - 64
  • Release Date - 2020
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Product Summary

Learn how you can cope with the chaos around you and eliminate anxiety from your life by mastering your emotions.

As anxiety and stress are often referred to as the illness of the 21st century, there are now more and more research and solutions becoming available to us. As you will see in this book, it is possible to eliminate anxiety from your life. It might not be that easy, but with consistency, determination, and patience, you can live a life that is peaceful and balanced...

Even if anxiety can be considered a chronic disease, it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to experience it your whole life. There are ways you can learn to master your emotions and reduce or even eliminate anxiety...

The more you know yourself, the easier it becomes to master your emotions and embrace them in a way that you can understand how to heal them. Never forget that emotions are not good or bad; they are neutral and serve the purpose of informing us of something important that needs to be addressed or healed.

It is essential to identify the causes of your anxiety to heal the root of the problem. Rather than developing strategies to cope with anxiety, you can try to reduce it, better to eradicate it, by attacking it directly at the source as this book will teach you...

In this book, you will acquire knowledge about the emotional body and how it interacts with your mind, your body, and also your energy. We will be digging into bodies of research to help you understand what you experience. But mostly, this book will help you put in place practices that have been successful in helping people master their emotions and live a peaceful life.

What You'll Learn
  • The Emotional Body
  • Research On Emotions
  • Facts About Emotions
  • Emotions Versus Feelings
  • Mind And Its Impact On Your Emotions
  • Embracing Your Emotions Through Awareness
  • Avoiding Reacting Resisting
  • Behaviors That Influence Your Emotions
  • Managing Your Emotions Through Breathing
  • Techniques To Feel At Peace Among Chaos
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Stop Judging Yourself
  • Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Being Assertive & Express Your Emotions
  • Achieving A Deeper Sense Of Your Emotions
  • Rejection Abandonment Humiliation
  • Injustice & Betrayal
  • Redesigning Your Life To Eliminate Anxiety
  • Enjoy A Good Night's Sleep
  • Meditate & Surrender
  • Having Fun & Socializing
  • Keeping A Journal
  • And Much More!


Product Summary - Videos

Emotions can become the compass in your life that leads you to a peaceful, harmonious and wonderful life.

Since our emotions are very short living, it begs the question of why it hurt so much sometimes and lasts forever. The emotion itself is the physical response, while the feeling is more of a mental reaction.

In some ways, when your mind is activated after you have an emotion, it becomes a feeling. A feeling can be a complex combination sometimes composed of various emotions or manifestations of repressed emotions. For example, if the emotions of anger and fear have not been expressed, they may turn against you in the form of a feeling of anxiety...

Since it is a psychological elaboration, a feeling can persist outside of any external stimulus and could last for years if it is nurtured. In contrast to an emotion, a feeling becomes stronger when it is re-experienced. In the case of a painful feeling, it is therefore important not to reinforce it by expressing it simply as one would do for an emotion; otherwise, it will become more lasting...

Pure emotion is an adapted and justified response to an external event, like fear in case of danger, anger in the face of disrespect, or joy following a happy event. An emotion is meant to be neutral, even if our social environment does not always allow us to express it freely. Inhibiting an emotion is, therefore, equivalent to censoring an adequate response.

When you think of an event that triggers a certain emotion, you are no longer living in the present; you are thinking of the past, therefore, recreating the same emotional reaction and feeling it. The feeling becomes what you hold on too. That is why, when we get a sudden burst of anger due to a specific event, we relive anger when we think of the situation...

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you how you can master your emotions, cope with the chaos around you, eliminate anxiety and live a peaceful life.


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