Massive Motivation
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  • Release Date - 2015
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Product Summary

Discover how to find your deeper motivation and how to successfully manipulate it in order to achieve your goals.

Some of your goals might be achieved within a few months and others will take years. Some life goals might even take decades. Throughout all of that, you are going to have to preserve and keep going on your goal for long periods of time, and years may not seem like a long time now, but when you are trying to work towards a goal daily, the days, weeks and months stretch out there and seem interminable. That's why you are going to need a strategy to help you stay motivated over the long term, and the perfect way to do that is with bite-sized goals ...

The problem with life is that even if we do have larger and more ambitious goals, we find that our everyday life shuts us off from these. Why? Because we are forced to use the motivation we do have to do things we don't want to be doing. Like doing the dishes, and cleaning the house. Unless you enjoy those things. Then you are using some of your motivation towards them. Which is why you find you have so little left for your real goals. But there are specific and actionable steps that YOU can take to unlock your true drive. To find your motivation. To find your fuel source.

You'll be able to direct your motivation into sources that are actually going to help you reach your goals. Learn about spinning your wheels and how people often direct their energy into actions that aren't actually going to result in them reaching their goal. A suggestion to follow is the backwards planning method where you first determine what the very last step of your goal is to be, and then you figure out the step before that, and the step before that, so on and so forth ...

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction To Motivation
  • How Controlling Your Motivation Can Improve Your Life
  • The Activation Of Motivation
  • Intensity Of Motivation
  • The Source Of Motivation
  • What Causes Low Levels Of Motivation?
  • Habitual Beliefs That Affect Motivation Levels
  • Personality Quirks
  • Health Problems
  • How To Find A Source Of Motivation That Is Effective For You
  • Tactics To Increase Your Motivation
  • Tactical Exercises
  • How To Channel Your Motivation
  • Sustaining Your Motivation For Long Periods Of Time
  • Bite-Sized Goals - Make Them Easier
  • And Much More!


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